Saturday, June 11, 2011


Guess what? I'm on sick leave for the whole 7 days! yupe, a week long! Yay? *sigh* I'm currently on so called 'quarantine'. Forbid to go out (Out as in from the house)

When I just got sick, I really thought I was having the rashes from all the dust from the store room (was looking for the missing glass cabinet. Darn it! I still can't find it). I was so wrong. Well, I thought it would be all rashes all over from top to bottom. I didn't know that it comes with pain. Ah yes, pain on the joints. Even my toe joint hurts.

It's the 3 day now, most of the rashes on my arms had cleared however there are still some on my feet and the pain are still there. Well excuse me now, as I need to take my shower. Haven't been shower for the 'whole' day. Oh yes, didn't I mentioned? I was told not to take frequent shower too. Weird rite?

Anyways, it's shower time! Ta!

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G33 said...

get well soon..