Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wow, it's a new year!

Happy New Year everyone?

Gosh, I know I'm totally late. More than late, I'm so yesterday bout wishing everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR. My bad, maybe I should update more frequent. Yeah, maybe I should do that *writing a mental note* Oh yeah, I've changed job. Yupe, I'm in the advertisement industry now. So anyone who are interested in putting up ads using plasma/LDC screens in the KKIA or Terminal 2 ( Kota Kinabalu ) airport please do not hesitate to contact me - call, email, private msg ka also can. As long as you can reach me. Oppss.. ter-side tracked. Hehehe..

Now as I was saying, I've changed job. My new office is not too bad, the colleagues there are ultra friendly and wacky! I have a ever-happy-go-lucky boss too, which is great! Oh yeah talking bout that, the other day me and my colleague was testing out a camera (office prop.) Check out the below pics which we shot:

Candid shot of Adriel - testing the plasma screen kunun!

Our pretty admin exe, Kitty - she was bz doing.. erm, something..

The wackiest guy in the office, Ali In this pic he was looking serious, tension kot?

That's, erm.. no need to intro la, was force to take a pic

Here are some other pics I've took using the same lousy camera. Taking these pics reminded me it's been ages since the last time I've took some major serious pics. I miss my old camera. It's still un-chargeable *sob*

This weekend is the Sabah Auto Traders Exhibition in Foo Chow Association Building (26/1/07 - 28/1/07). Evina (my colleague) and I decided to drop by to check it out.

Auto Sabah logo for 2007

At the entrance

Some of the cars on display - Hyundai

I didnt take much pics, coz my hands are occupied. Some of the pics came out yucky! No point to show it here. Guess we were early when we got there, coz there is no crowd yet. Well, if your in KK and got lots of free time to spare. Do drop by and have a look. Plus there's no entrance fee.

Will update more soon :) Happy weekend all!