Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm going to India!

March 30, 2006 ( Thursday )
I’m going to India!

These pictures were taken from a forwarded email ( thanks to Mase! )

I’m such a sucker for places like this!


* Look at it, don’t you feel like going there NOW?!

* Killer view from above!

* I can stay here forever! Paradise on earth!

* At the beach side

* White sandy beach to relax & chill out. Sigh!

* can swim with the sea turtle somemore! walao wey!

* baby sea turtle, so cute!

* inside one of the room: got glass panel floor! syoik!

* having meal above the sea, next to a school of fish! what more can you ask for!

So you see people that's why I'm going to India! What I need now is someone to sponsor me to go there. By the way, this beautiful place is in Le Meridien Resort - Chennai, India. For those who want to sponsor me. You can send your contribution to me via cheque, cash will be even better! Any contribution will be appreciated! ;p

Similarity among the big boys

March 29, 2006 ( Wednesday )
Similarity among the big boys

Today is officially the initial meeting for the STAR, NO IT’S NOT Shangri-La Tangjung Aru Resort. STAR as in Sabah Tea Adventure Race. The meeting was held in my company's Conference Room. It was attended by STG ( MK & myself ), YLT marketing team & their marketing manager and also the YLT’s GM.

Through out the meeting I’ve notice a few things:-

#1 I’m the ONLY girl in the MEETING! ( walao wey! Where’s all the girl? )

#2 Most of us wear glasses ( minus Ben. YES, I do have glasses too just that I’m using contact lenses that’s all! )

#3 Most of us have single eyelids. ( Including me! )

#4 ALL of them are CHINESE! ( well, minus me. I’m half Chinese ;p )

What else? I guess that’s what I can remember.

P/S: I know that I’m ‘mou-liu’ BUT those are the OBVIOUS!

P/P/S: If you're wondering, I did concentrate during the meeting. *ahem*

Monday, March 27, 2006

an evening at..

March 26, 2006 ( Sunday )

Decided to go to the late mass at 5pm at St. Simon ( Likas ) today.

I noticed that the people ( those sitting around me both old and young ) ARE NOT FRIENDLY AT ALL! They all looked so GRUMPY. No smile or what-so-ever when we were exchanging the ‘sign of peace’. Don’t feel like going to church izzit? That’s why showing those grumpy faces to other people? *Sigh!

- After mass -

Was planning to go to this Vietnam restaurant ( at Gaya street ) for dinner BUT seems like they don’t open on Sunday. Haiyoo! Don’t want business izzit? So at the end went to Upperstar.

Upperstar is at Jln Datuk Salleh Sulong (just opposite the foot of the Hyatt Hotel driveway).

* downstairs bar counter

* some pictures hanging on the wall ( on the way up to upstairs )

*part of the staircase

* one of cozy corner - good place for hanging out with friends

* the sunset view from Upperstar
( can see the sea some more! )

*Hyatt hotel is just across the street

* the menu - choose, choose which one you want?

* food that were ordered

* that's me trying to finish up the food!

my verdict: come and enjoy the cozy warm feeling to dine or just to hang out at this place! come once sure wanna come AGAIN!

Malaysia biggest..

March 25, 2006 ( Saturday )
.. IT Concept Store ..

Yesterday Philip was telling me bout FTec's ( Kompleks Karamunsing, Kota Kinabalu ) Grand opening. Actually he wanted me to go BECAUSE he WANTED me to take his picture with the 'ah moi' there wah! ( yeah rite! ) At 1st I didn’t know what did he mean by 'ah moi' then after that he told me that Miss Malaysia ( really? ) will be there too. Then he said got some other show too! Wah seriously? At first I told him I'll be going at nite ( according to him it'll be whole day long thingy ), BUT since I've no agenda in the afternoon so I’ve decided to check out the opening in the afternoon instead.

- Afternoon -

Went to Kompleks Karamunsing around 1 something, it was bloody jam.

The car parks were literally FULL! What the heck is going on man! Very hard to get a parking space. So many people come for the opening one meh? Finally got a parking space after searching like for ages.

Got to the event hall and it was already totally packed with people. Some dance performance was going on the stage by then. I didn’t bother much and went to grab a bite at Mickey D ( havent eaten lunch yet you know! ) before checking out what’s with all the fuss.

* Giving away gift vouchers see those uncles & aunties
( with kids tagging along somemore )
very excited to get the vouchers

* fancy deco at the entrance

* welcome to the world of FTec - the future of technology!

After the quick bite, went to FTec's store. Si beh lots of people. Everyone is busy checking out the 1 DAY offer. Bumped into Gabriel ( he works with FTec, he was busy promoting stuffs to me ) and James ( wah, getting married around Oct/Nov.. :D) He told me that I've just missed Amber Chia! She was in the store just now. DON’T TELL ME THIS IS ANOTHER ONE OF HER ENDORSEMENT CAMPAIGN! -.-‘

* ask Gabriel ( the one on the right ) to pose for me! ;p

* Candid shot of James - thinking what oh?

* some of the new gadget Gabriel is promoting to me

* laptops, and more laptops!

*still no sign of Philip, where is he?* I guess he went off after enough taking photograph with all of the leng lui there! ;p

*some random guy checking out a laptop on display

* funky display cabinet

* more funky display

* at the counter - a long queue man!

Going out of the car park building was a torturing wait! Got stuck in the car for more than 20 mins.. Arghh…

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


March 23, 2006 ( Thursday )

Well I dont know bout you guys BUT I find this is a bit erm.. weird?

Check out this Medicine label!

What the heck rite?
Translate in English: Eat this medicine with fatty food?

I dont get the point of eating medicine with fatty food? So does it means if we dont eat it with fatty food, the medicine wont be effective? or the medicine needs to use up lots of fats? or does it need fats to trigger it?

Someone explain this to me please?

close call!

March 22, 2006 ( Wednesday )
Close call!


A freaking car was following me too close from behind.

Actually there was an accident the other side of the road so everyone started to slow down and stepping on the breaks. Apparently this guy ( behind my car ) MIGHT HAVE BEEN DREAMING or thought his driving skill is TOO GOOD liao still driving fast and close behind.

The next think I heard was a loud emergence brake from behind then I feel bit of impact ( yes, a mere bump from behind ) BUT I don’t think there were any damage. So I didn’t get out from the car then I looked at the rare mirror. i saw that guy was in SHOCK mode now! Well SO WAS I! He stopped the car but I didn’t ( how come ar? Should have stop and check my car ) I continued and step on the gas pedal! Maybe I was too shock and the initial reaction was to continue my journey to work.

Safely reach my work place, but in SHOCK MODE! ( and I still didn't go check the my car at that time! *mao lit rite?* I checked it in the afternoon - nothing was damage! pheww.. )

But I’m glad that there wasn’t an accident!
Angels might have been protecting me!

Thank you “BIG GUY”!

Monday, March 20, 2006

a gift!

March 19, 2006 ( Sunday )

I attended the sunset mass yesterday evening in Stella Maris Church and the priest's opening line for his sermon captured my ATTENTION.

He said that,
'Christianity is a GIFT from GOD, it's NOT a RELIGION.. You dont choose it, BUT GOD choose YOU!'

Well said, but then again some people might LIKE the gift, some might NOT!

It's like some people would imagine that HOW NICE IF I WERE BORN IN A RICH FAMILY or HOW NICE IF I'M FROM A FAMOUS FAMILY BACKGROUND or something similar to that. The fact is it's already part of you! You can't just pick your family right?

It's also like history, you can't change what has been done right?

For me, i think 'Christianity is a privilege and privilege comes with certain obligations' - that's all!


March 18, 2006

My free CD has finally arrived TODAY! ( after waiting for a week) yay! I won it from through sms :D Actually they ( sent it a bit late compared to last time ( yes, this is NOT my 1st FREE CD.. i got another one couple months back )

* The parcel from GDex - Have been waiting for it for a week liao ler!

* The FREE CD ( It's a double CD pack somemore! What a BONUS for me!)

* My previous FREE CD from

Thank you HITZ.FM!

Apart from the FREE CD.

EDITED: MK got me a Polo shirt from Sabah Tea Garden!
(which i thought was given by STG, guess i was WRONG!)


* The yellowish polo-shirt
( Anyone who is interested can buy it in Sabah Tea Garden, Ranau )

Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patrick's Day + Kien's Bday!

March 17, 2006 ( Friday )
St. Patrick's Day + Kien's Bday!

During lunch I was telling them ( jen, zac & chris ) bout today being St. Patrick's day and they were kinda like giving me the blur look ( you know the i-donno-what-the-heck-your-talking-about look ) So I was thinking, St. Patrick's Day is so not 'famous' one izzit? so decided to google about St. Patrick's Day..

Here's the results:

*walao, so many webbie!

An interesting sites I've stumbled upon:

After much searching and some reading, here are some of the facts i've managed to gather:-

- It turned out that st. patrick's day is bout this dude obviously his name was Patrick rite? Wrong! Actually he's given name was "Maewyn", then again, i guess he like the name Patrick better and decided to change his name.

- At the age of 16, he spent six years of slavery ( sold into slavery by a group of Irish marauders that raided his village ) in Ireland until he escaped and undertook religious training abroad, in WHICH, he then became aware that his calling was to convert the pagans to Christianity.

- Patrick was arrested several times, but escaped each time. He traveled throughout Ireland, establishing monasteries across the country. He also set up schools and churches which would aid him in his conversion of the Irish country to Christianity.

- His mission in Ireland lasted for thirty years. After that time, Patrick retired to County Down. He died on March 17 in AD 461. That day has been commemorated as St. Patrick's Day ever since. <-- So, that's how it happen! geee...

- Much Irish folklore surrounds St. Patrick's Day. Not much of it is actually substantiated.

- Some of this lore includes the belief that Patrick raised people from the dead ( sounded like Jesus! ). He also is said to have given a sermon from a hilltop that drove all the snakes from Ireland. Of course, no snakes were ever native to Ireland, and some people think this is a metaphor for the conversion of the pagans.

- Though originally a Catholic holy day, St. Patrick's Day has evolved into more of a secular holiday.

- Today, people celebrate the day with parades, wearing of the green, and drinking beer (yes, drink up people! It's a beer feast ;p). One reason St. Patrick's Day might have become so popular is that it takes place just a few days before the first day of spring. One might say it has become the first green of spring. ( no wonder people use lotsa green during this day! )

So there you go! Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

Oh yeah today's Kien's Bday too! Check out his webbie! He's actually wearing GREEN today to work! lol... so festive style huh!


On a different note, I did a colour test ( someone send it to me! ) :D

* The instruction page

* The test begins

* My 1st attempt score: 88%
88% already MASTER status!

* 2nd attempt score: 100%
aiks? how come still MASTER? i thought supposed to be you're MORE than MASTER status! aww... :-(

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

STG trip!

March 9, 2006 (Thursday)
Journey to the Land of Tea! - part 1

- morning -
Last Thursday I went to Sabah Tea Garden (STG) with MK. We were having a 2 Days 1 Night stay there. Initially it WAS supposted to be a Day Trip! BUT MK wanted to stay for the nite coz on Friday morning IDS group will be coming over for a visit ( he wanted to be around when they arrived in STG ) We head for STG around 11 something. I got sleepy half way through the journey. Woke up bloody early in the morning so sleepy lor!

- afternoon -
Reached Ranau town around 1:30pm. Just in time for lunch! i was dead hungry by then! MK suggested we dine at KFC. Fine for me, anywhere will be ok just make sure we get some food!

Actually we were counting how long it takes from Ranau town to STG. We checked the time where we started in Ranau town BUT we forgotten to check the time when we got to STG. *mao lit hor! The first thing i noticed when i got into the tea house was the smell of tea! *go figure!

Sabah Tea Plantation, nestled into the lush tropical wilderness of Malaysia’s first ever World Heritage Site, Mount Kinabalu, sits on a 6,200-acre land at 2,272 feet above sea level. It is surrounded by the world’s oldest rainforest of about 130 million years.

Sabah Tea Plantation is the largest single commercial tea plantation in Borneo with approximated area of 1,000 acres endowed with an interesting plant and agriculture resources, Camellia Sinensis. It is also one of the very few tea plantations in the world that certified to produce organic tea.

check out Sabah Tea Garden webbie for more info

We ( MK & me ) checked-in to the GUEST HOUSE. Actually this is my 2nd stay here in STG. Previously i had my FAM trip with a bunch of people (on Feb), by then i was staying in the Rungus longhouse. Which i think it's a good experience! I really recomment that everyone should try staying in the Rungus longhouse. Well at LEAST ONCE lar, come on!

The Rungus Longhouse Experience: Priceless!

* My last FAM trip in STG ( err, i know it's bit blurry.. didnt edit it )

Later in the evening we'll be attending the STG Annual Dinner ( This was the WHOLE idea of going up to STG - For the makan saja bah actually! )

- evening -
It started to rain! ( boo-hoo! cannot take any pics liao.. since it rained ). We met the SIRIM group. They were in STG for a short visit. Kunun-kunun wanna servey the place la!

Around 5.30pm we headed to Fairy Garden ( that was the place were the makan makan thingy was held ) we reach there around 6.30pm. It was darn cold! even I'm wearing my jacket but still cold.. brr...!! Maybe I'm NOT used to the coldness.. I didnt take much pictures as i was freezing! I thought that we would have our dinner once we got there BUT apparently we still need to wait for some *ahem people from DESA TEA. Si Beh SLOW!

I was COLD and HUNGRY! i ate some M&Ms while waiting for the so-called Datuks & Datin to arrive! MK ate some PINANG! ( got it from Hilda ) gosh, looks like MK is also hungry to the extend that he's eating PINANG liao! ( fyi, MK told me that Pinang is tasteless! har? then why some people like to eat it leh? yes, i dont understand it either! )

The DESA TEA's finally arrived at 7.30pm! *walao wey, make us waited for 1 hour full hour la!Finally can have our dinner liao. I realised that i tend to eat ALOT when I'm cold! Maybe my body needs more carbo to burn!

* Can spot me ka? the COLD n HUNGRY one! ( at Fairy Garden )

After our 'makan', they decided to go for a drink in Ranau town. *Wah, makan not enough continue drinking! Siao leh! i think some of the guys started to 'logop' after few drinks. I was too full by then, my stomach cant take in anything liao.. After the drinking session, head back straight to STG!

* 2nd round - aramaiti geng! ( at some random kopitiam in Ranau )

After my shower wanted to watch telly BUT problem with the reception so cannot watch any program *darn it! So i got bored and decided to take some shots in the room.

* the king size bed - all for me.. muahahahha!

*So BIG yet useless to me

* bathroom that comes with a separate bath tub & shower place ( pic only show bath tub )

* got desk some more ( for you to do your work )

March 10, 2006 (Friday)
Journey to the Land of Tea! - part 2

- morning -
woke up at 6.30am - wanted to snap some pics BUT the mist was way tooo thick! so went back to bed! ;p

woke up again at 7 something, getting ready. Gonna have a short presentation/meeting at the Tea House. I was supposed to brief the staffs about the marketing plans ( on going / future ). Packed my stuffs before leaving the room. I saw MK was at the dining table doing some cribbling.. i think he's thinking bout something. The mist was NOT so bad that time, decided to snap some pictures. It took me 1/2 hour to shoot the pictures. MK was already eager to make a move. At the guest house's gate, we saw some plantation workers harvesting the tea plants. We decided to stop for a while coz MK wanna let me see how's the process like. I was like taking more pictures!

* morning view of the tea plantation

*harvesting tea - this was taken at another side of the plantation

By then we're late liao.. hehe! Thanks to me! ;p

Anyways, we got our breakie 1st before starting off anything meeting.
I guess it's kinda an informal meeting. I showed the marketings stuffs that I've been working at, and hand over some marketing materials that they can use.

Around 9.40am - IDS group arrived! They had their breakie 1st before starting the Factory Tour. I was joining them in their tour. There were some foreign people in the IDS group. ( e.g.: Auzzie & Thai )

* During the Factory Tour - guy in the cowboy hat is the AD!

Towards the end of the tour, the Associate Director (AD) asked me a question which i find it funny.

AD: Are you the owner of this place?
What in the world gave him that idea? lol. I told MK bout this, he said maybe AD thought that I'm the taukeh-niong! Walao wey! If he said the "daughter" of the Taukeh maybe la... I'm NOT that old looking what! *fainted!

After the tour we had our early lunch. Walao it's NOT even 12 noon yet and we're eating lunch liao. Seriously, I'm still full.. BUT they already helped me to order some food. I hardly touch the food.. so wasting lar! I didnt know they order liao or else i WOULD order for something light! Sandwich ka? Pancake ka?

- afternoon -
Departed from STG around 12 something. I know it's bit early BUT it was MK's idea.
We had a few pit stop - Ranau Tamu & Kundasang ( bought some stuffs there! )
During our journey back to KK. MK & me chatted alot! It feels like a daddy & daughter trip. MK told me that, if he did get married earlier he might have a child at my age.. awww!

Got back to the office before 4pm. I was so NOT in the mood of working at ALL!

p/s: if anyone is interested to see more of STG's picture i upload some of them in check it out. Who knows you might like it? :D