Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pix: Weekend Episode

3 cats @ the cashier counter (Don't recall the name of this restaurant)

Yum-my! Me *heart* Unagi!

Boardgame session: The Settler of Catan (with fellow colleagues)

Side story:
Can you believe it I forgotten to close & lock the house door and grill door last Sunday before leaving the house!! Funny thing is I did remember to close the gate, but NOT the door & grill door. Luckily my parents came back home not long after I went off. My dad called me and thought I got kidnap and the 'bad guys' ran away with my car coz the door was WIDE open and no one was home. When I heard the news I was SHOCKED, then PANIC, then.. I felt BAD.

Then yesterday I thought I lost my purse, then I realised that I left my purse in the car. 

I know.. forgetful Sarah! 

Now, where is my Ginko biloba I need them.. badly! Gawd help!

p.s: ignore the poor image quality, pics were taken by hp.

Friday, March 27, 2009

TVmania #01: American Idol & My New BFF

I was watching American Idol last night. Adam Lambert was dope! I'm a fan of Danny Gokey & Adam Lambert. I think both of them have the equal chance to be the NEXT Americian ldol. Well, just let us wait and see! *finger cross*

Guess what? Paris Hilton is having her NEW reality show called, My New BFF! I guess she will ask some paris-hilton-wannabe-BFF to do all sorts of stuffs/action/fear factor(?) to make sure she is up to her 'standard' BFF.. celebrities, aren't they 'great'.. rite! 

Moving on.. saw this at One to One (City Mall)

How right, right? Just a reminder for me when I'm having a crappy day at work. Gah!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

after long long time..

Yes, after like months and months missing in action, am back blogging.. There was a time when I DID decide NOT to blog or NOT planning to blog. Maybe the MAIN factor was LAZY and..... okay, lazy is the MAIN reason lar.. I won't promise that I will blog more often, just in case I can't keep my promise again. 

Now for updates :)

Tadaaa.. with some of the models during KK Bridal Fair last weekend.

Made some new friends and met an old 'student' (not old as in old, more like ex-student) All in all, I had a fun weekend. Great stuffs!

That's all for now. Cheers!


P.S.: I just REALISED that I have a twitter account after sooo long. I log into my twitter account to find out that I had it since 2007! I know, it's like OMG rite. geeeez!