Tuesday, May 29, 2007

SAWO: Project Kg. Kiau ( Part 2 )

Note: A continuation of this post


After driving uphill and downhill for nearly 30 mins we finally reah Kg. Kiau! During the ride, we saw hillside padi plants and some pineapple field.

Making our way up to Kg. Kiau

Hillside padi plants
( opss, sorry for the reflection from the mirror )

Pineapple field

We also passed by the ONLY school in Kg. Kiau ( forgotten what's the school's name ) Btw, it's a primary school. Those who wants to go to the nearest secondary school will be in Kota Belud. That will be in another town.

The wooden primary school

When we reach there, we were greeted by local women, young and old. Actually we were behind schedule. In another word, we were LATE! We start off with some introduction from SAWO, telling them our objectives visiting them on that day. We taught them to use the video camera. Why you ask? Coz we believe in using other method to reach out and do presentation. Rather than giving 2 hours lousy sleepy speech, we use multimedia and theater to reach out. It makes the audience more interactive and attentive ( it rhymes!)

Here are some of the activities conducted that day.

Draw time line!

This is one of the group doing the time line.

We also did the time line

Presentation from one of the group. Actually they were supposed to act out the time line, but this group decided to present it only, BORING!

In my group's acting, I was acting the drunken hubby that hits his wife! Hehe.. Evil!

Here is some random pic I took, it's a butterfly on the door. Almost didn't see it coz the color is almost camouflage.

We stop the workshop around 12.30pm for lunch. Resumes after an hour. The second half of the workshop was to do a 15mins video filming, which the participants need to product. Sorry no pics were taken after the lunch, I totally forgotten to take any pics.

Pic taken from car

On our way out from Kg. Kiau, there was a car could not climb up the hill. Everybody need to get down from the car. So cham! Luckily the car I was in didn't experience such problem. :p

Poor them, need to hike up.

Buh-bye Kg. Kiau!
Will see you again in the future!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anjappar anyone?

Bringing You the Taste of India!

Having a crave for spicy food and would love to dine in a nice and cozy environment without burning a hole in your pocket?

Check out Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant! They are Located in Asia City Complex ( Just across Api Api Centre, you can't miss them coz they got an interesting entrance with 2 HUGE elephant tusks!! ) They serve a prettty delicious Mango Lasi! Serious!

For those who can't take spice food ( like muah! ) also can ask them to tune down the spice level! ( like muah again!! LoL! ) Some of their signature food are the Biriyani, Naan, Banana leaf meals and lots moreeeee...

Oh btw, they also do take away and catering as well.. Check out a write up on their restaurant on our local newspaper.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

hands-free umbrella anyone?

Note: I got this from a friend's forward email. This is dedicated to those who dread to hold umbrella or hands are always too occupied to hold umbrella.

Behold the hands-free umbrella!!!

This is no ordinary umbrella.

Instead of hold it, you need to put on it.



You wear it like this!

Front view

Side view

Back view

So, this is how it would looked like on you.
You'll be wearing your umbrella, instead of holding it.

If you think it's only for adults, well, there are hands-free umbrella for kiddo's as well!

Cute can!

new look!

Out with the OLD, in with the NEW!

Well, I've finally decided to CHANGE my hairstyle.

From this..

.... to this

Big difference huh?

Note: Sometimes I still miss my curls though..

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SAWO: Project Kg. Kiau ( Part 1 )


Note: This is another super duper late post. Yes, I know, late AGAIN! Well, it's better to be late than post nothing rite?

On the 1st May 2007 (Labour Day), me and the SAWO team went to Kg. Kiau to conduct a workshop to promote awareness about women's issue besides doing some documentary for this coming June's Fiesta Feminista. For those who dunno what is SAWO ( Sabah Women Action Resource Group ), it's started in 1985 by a group of concerned women and men to take up mainly issues of violence and discrimination against women particularly in Sabah. So it's NOT those group ONLY mommy mommy saja yang join tau! Men can join as well, no need to shy shy okay.

The workshop starts at 8am, so we need to get there by 7.30am. So I woke up at 4.15am. Really sacrifice my sleeping time for this trip can! I didn't want to drive there using my car so I hitch hike Agnes's ride. I arrived at her place 10 mins to 6am. Bloody early!!!!!!

Shoots taken from my car. It's was 5 something in the morning!!! MY GOODNESS!!!!

Here are some pics taken during the ride to Kg. Kiau.

It was bright and sunny day! ;-)

When we got to the mountain area, there were thick mist. Hardly can see the road in front!

More pics taken from the car, sorry that the car side window was kinda dirty ;p

Saw the majestic Mt. K as well.

Sempat lagi take a pic of myself at the backseat.

We managed to arrive Pekan Nabalu around 7++am. The team are supposed to meet up at this spot. Agnes thought we were late but actually we were the 1st car to arrive. Malaysia time bah, people always come late one.

We had breakfast here while waiting for the rest of the team.

After breakfast, I went to check out the stalls selling local handicrafts.

Some pics taken from the stalls:

They have stalls selling fruits as well.

Some local products as well, fyi those are honey.

I decided to walk to the other part of the pekan.

After shooting this tower, I got stung by a bee!!!!!!!
I asked one of the old lady at the stall for bee medicine and they actually pointed and show me where to get the medicine. They ask me get "Minyak Batu", that was the 1st time I heard such medicine.

Red and swollen area.
I'm so LUCKY, like that also kena stung!!!!!

It was getting late and we continue the journey, actually all of the SAWO team has arrived. They were looking for me actually coz I had wonder off to shoot some pics. The thing is they didn't know I was looking for the bee medicine. BAH!!

After less than 10 mins of driving, we finally saw the junction to Kg. Kiau! The road to the Kiau is bit challenging coz it's gravel and some part of the road is VERY steep. Don't play play hor!

Alrite, end of part one. Will continue later!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The new way of advertising!


These days if you open a business or run a business or helping your company to run business you'll surely need to do some marketing or some promotional stuffs rite? This is to advertise your products or services. *NOTE: Don't worry, I'm NOT advertising my company here! winks!*

I came a cross another interesting way to promote your brand or company using your BUTT! And they call it Ass-vertise!

They even got a website for Ass-vertise.

According to this website, all you need to do is to put logo or whatever message you want on on the seat of a pair of bikini style panties.

So if you wanna promote your company, you can just ask somebody to wear a panties with your company logo on it. SIMPLE HOR!!!!

So here is step-by-Step on how to do Ass-vertisement:
( Note: all pics are taken from Ass-vertise website! )

Step one:
Hire pretty gals ( or guys ) with nice butt of course! Then ask them to walk on the location where you think you target market is.

Step two:
When they see some potential client, they will SHOW them their ass.. i mean the ads ;p

If showing one by one is NOT OBVIOUS enough, you can make them do it all together :D Which will look something like this!

This is what I call, mass ass-vertising! LoL!!

See, simple and easy!!

Now, if you think, "Nah, this is just a joke.. NOBODY gonna do it ya know"

Well, you're WRONG buddy, check this out!

Apparently KODAK was using ass-vertisement technique as well to promote their product during a photo convention in Ukraine. What happen was, they hired 2 pretty babes to wear super short skirt with Kodak logoed panties underneath and then drops things on the convention floor and pick them up. So when they pick up the stuffs, the panties with the logo would eventually be seen by others.

Here are some pics from the photo convention ( Note: Pics are taken from here )

Now next time if your boss ask you for ideas for advertising or promoting, can try this method. Surely will make heads turning! :p