Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's June already?

A big kiss goodbye to month of May! Welcome June.. Actually it's a late June greeting coz it's the middle of the month now, it's 21st to be exact.. how fast rite?

1st Update!

Last few days has been another chapter of technology against aMy ( and MK too! Read on you get what i mean ). My pc at work it NOT working now. Due to some drivers problem! GAH! It was running smoothly before my PC hangs on me and all the sudden the drivers went missing *poof.. gone!* a virus? a trojan? The best answer I can give to myself is file-corrupted-technology-mulfunction whatever!

It happen on last Friday MK was doing alot of things, like duplicating a DVD and backing up some file from his personal laptop to the company's laptop (which he just purchased not long ago *ahem* MK: btw, where's mine?) MK keep on telling me there were some problem while he was doing the back up. File won't transfer.. yada.. yada.. Then he can't duplicate the DVD thingy... Oh and previous days he can't get hook into the internet or print anything from the new laptop!

Then ,he was jokingly said it was a bad luck day! Then I added on saying maybe there was some bad aura in the room. Bad bad thing to say. I should have just zipped it! Coz the next thing I know my PC hanged and drivers went missing! ARGH!

So till today my PC is still in ICU..

1st, I tried installing the driver TWICE! no use.. Zac told me maybe I should reinstalling the OS. Done that! problem still there! ( zac: something wrong with your win98 cd la friend, file missing! ) Seek friends to helped up - Mase ( provide me driver - still no use! some file missing ): Thanks buddy!, Suren: thanks for the help.. yeah, wish you were here to help me too!, Henry: your file didn't successfully transfer lar. Thanks for helping anyways!, Ong ( the SUPPOSED to be the IT guy for my company ): Thanks for asking me what was the problem BUT not helping me.

Conclusion: Today MK is gonna bring in a technician guy ( NOT from our IT dept, pfff! ) to nurse my PC back to original condition! Btw, MK let me use his laptop since I'm PC less now. Yay! Thanks MK!

2nd Update!
Camera got kidnap

Nah, nobody kidnap my baby.
Just my mom borrowed it for awhile, mom & dad went for a vacation to the land of the limestone (Gui Lin). Parents got back last sunday, just in time for father's day! But parents were too tired to go anywhere to celebrate.. aww.. This is late but Happy Daddy's Day to all!

p/s: I know it's a pic drought entry, wait till I snap more pics people.. In the meantime, check out my post kaamataan pics on the next entry which will be out pretty soon :D

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Deviants Day Out

Note: This is a DA meet up entry.

Couple months back I’ve met up with Ali G ( take pics & does graphic manipulating stuffs – neat! ) & Mase ( Take mostly nature’s pics and kitties ). I did blog bout that outing on my fs’s blog ( coz that time I still don’t have a account )

This time around I’m meeting up with RobJr AKA Robby ( that’s what I call him ) AKA Acing ( which Mase calls him ). Actually Mase and Robby are ‘geng keras’ means good friends or friends since… I dunno, since zaman kegemilangan sultan mahmud shah! ;p that just way long..

The whole plan was grab brunch at RIMBA café then hang out at Tg Aru beach.

Around 9am I’ve received a sms from Mase. She was kinda sickie. Oh tidakkk! At 1st I thought she couldn’t make it since she’s feeling “feverish” BUT she determined to come for the meet up. I smsed her back telling her "not to force herself if she don’t feel like going or else her mom will scold me and Robby for making her ill" ;p That made Mase laugh.

Mase picked Robby up, so they came together and we finally meet up.

First thing I noticed was both Mase & Robby were the FAIR type. I mean the skin color. I’m the one who looked like I’ve been doing sun tanning a lot ;p People always thought that I’m into swimming because of my tanned skin. The thing is I don’t even know how to swim.. Teeheehee..

As planned we had our brunch at RIMBA.

Oh yeah, before Mase & Robby came I was checking out RIMBA. I was "PR-ing" with the people working at RIMBA coz since this was my 1st time at RIMBA. I found out that RIMBA was owned by a husband and wife team. Husband – some "Ang Mo" guy and wife is a local Kadazan. I saw them both at the café. The wife spoke to me with her American slang, I guess she was staying or studied oversea before this.

This was the guy who took our order
- notice his eyes were half close!

This was what I ordered – spaghetti bolognaise ( beef )

This was what Robby ordered
– Kadazan chicken rice wine or something sound like that.

I'm hungry liao by looking at this pic! Argh.. It's NOT even lunch time yet! *SOB*

Mase was choking on with her spaghetti.

Robby and his food, steady je geng!
– macam advert makanan pula!

The leftovers.
Can you guess which food is more delicious.
I’m gonna vote for the kadazan chicken rice wine.
The spaghetti was simply NOT yummy at ALL.

Hint: Folks don’t ever try the spaghetti there!

Took some pictures of RIMBA before paying the bill.

cozy corner

At the pay counter
Aiks? same guy again, sukanya dia kena ambik gambar. ;p

Eh. Look.. it’s an advert on Kamaatan celebration at UMS on the 31st May 2006.
For those non-sabahan - Sabah celebrates Harvest Festival on the 30-31 May of every year.

Check out what Robby spoted?




Horror movie for chicken - Get it?

Kodak Moment!

Oh btw, Robby spent me and Mase for the brunch.. aww...

Thanks Robby!

Next stop – Tg Aru Beach!

Signboard at Tg. Aru Beach

At 1st we were deciding where to 'lepak'. Then we agreed on this cozy place ( which after PR-ing with the people working there.. That place was taken over by Little Italy which before that was owned by SB/Gayana resort. hehe.. I dunno, I realised that after been working in tourism line, I like to ask around about the place I’m in – either for visitation or makan weird huh? )

A quick group pic at the beach
from left: babyphoenix, robjr & maslight

'Lepaking' can’t missed without some food and drinks.
I wonder does people become fat bcoz of too much lepak pasal sambil lepak sambil makan bah kan? Bagi komen sikit?

And This was what I’ve ordered...


and Tiramisu

Wanted to order pizza, but I don’t think Mase and Robby wanna eat liao. Since we just ate.

Robby took out his sketchbook. OMG! He is ONE TALENTED LAD! Sooo nice la all the drawings… jelousnye! Check his DeviantArt work here!

Robby’s sketchbook - there's 4 of them actually! Those are just the NEW ones!

Me and Mase took out our – camera ;p

Things that we ( me, mase and robby ) agreed on while we were at Tg. Aru:

Robby – Draw sketches of out outing. ( I was jokingly ask Robby to set up a counter for him to draw for the public. Macam street show la konon. Then people will see him draw and MAYBE tip him ;p )

Robby doing his thing.

Robby - In deep thinking ( Apa la ba sya mo lukis nih ar? )

Aww.. looked Robby drew an anime pic of me.

Actually Robby taught me how to draw that afternoon. He said I a quick learner but I think I messed up his sketchbook with my yucky sketches. In return me and Mase taught him, of all things, Mandarin. Well, simple words only lar.

Me and Mase – Shoot pictures like 1st time tourist lepak there.

Shoots that I took at the place we ‘lepak’

For those who enjoy the sun and the beach, the sand and the wind.

Please enjoy your time with us here in Tg. Aru.

Enjoy yourself at the beachside.
Sitting and relaxing with the sound of the gentle wave crushing to the shore.

That’s Mase in action.

Hey look, someone is parasailing: D

After that we went to STAR Shangrila Tanjung Aru Resort to take more pics

More more pics..

STAR staircase

STAR counter

STAR hallway

STAR view

STAR restaurant

STAR restanrant AGAIN!

STAR garden walkway

STAR street / car park

STAR’s club – Blue Note entrance

So with all the photohunting at STAR - That marks the end of our meet up session.

*ahem.. shameless promo*
p/s: Enjoy the photos I took? check out

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bazaar @ Shan Tao

May 28, 2006 ( Sunday )
Bazaar Day

Last Sunday after the Sunday mass, I went to my ( SRJK Shan Tao ) ex-school’s fund raising bazaar. Actually this was Shan Tao’s new building ( they move couple years back ) back then I was still studying at the OLD building near Tzu Yu Kindergarten ( where I used to study before too when I was cartoon ).


Year 2006

Shan Tao Primary School Kota Kinabalu Bazaar

Date: 28th May 2006

Time: 8am – 2pm

Mind you it was freaking HOT that morning. There was A LOT of people turn up for the bazaar. Here are some pictures I manage to shoot on that day.

Stalls that were outside of the school building

This pic was taken at the car park at the school entrance.
Stalls were set up there.

This was at the milk tea stall.
The earliest stall to be close coz they finish selling before noon.

Btw, it was around 10.30am when I got to the bazaar.

At the porky stall

Meet the “Halfmoon Betta”
Izzit 70 bucks for 1 fish or 1 pair of fish?

At the cake stall

Yummy steam cake AKA “marble cake” and cup cake – don’t they look delious?

The weirdest looking “Tau-Sa-Pau”
Very innovative I must say..

The entrance of the school building

Stalls that were inside of the school building

Hey look, Wagamama has a stall there too!

Wagamama was selling sushi – drool!

Err.. prawns?

I think this is a teacher doing some on the spot colouring / drawing.

Look at the crowd.

Haven’t you notice that any school bazaar that you been to must have at least one Game Room or Game Counter

This game they were doing was such a classic!
The Hit-And-Win-A-Prize-Game.

Oh yes, another MUST have is the Lucky Draw.
Do you feel lucky?

1st prize- fridge? Erm.. don’t ask.

We saw some pretty predictable stuffs at bazaar. Now lets look at some “special stall”

The Safety Stall

I can hear kids asking liao, “Miss, wanna buy a safety sign? Not ngam for you ar? What about a safety helmet? You dunno when you might need it so buy now. I can give special price for pretty miss like you”


Anyways, here are some other pics I took while I was there.

Guess what you can buy with 5o bucks worth of coupon?

Look below!

Food and drinks!

Char Kuey Tiau, Satay, liong fun, burger, hotdog,nuggets, "some-meat-stuffs" (forgotten whats the name of the food), few bottles of milk (yogurt?) & a caligraphy wall deco ( which was tricked / forced to buy.. lil rascals! )

Unrelated Story:

Singing kiddo song, “row row row your boat..”

On the same day it rain during that evening, I got back home around 6:30pm.

Bath around 7pm.

After bath I saw some cars queuing in front of my house. Didn’t notice anything unusual yet.

After 7.30 still notice cars are still queuing in front of my house. Something is not right. Open the curtains to look outside. Behold! The road right in front of my house was flooded! This was the 1st time something like this happening since I’ve move to my new place.

After 2 hours my next door neighbor’s place got flooded ( only the car park ). My place still NOT flooded yet. Neighbor had moved their car to my place. Since my place was built on a higher ground.

Over and out!