Monday, April 18, 2011

it's April 18, 2011

... and when was the last time made an entry? Seriously, I don't even remember.

At first I was kinda busy, then busy turned lazy and my blog got abandoned. Tragic!

However today I got inspired and wanting to blog. Hence, why I'm here (:

Top 3 updates:

1. I got my hair cut 3 times this year (and it's just April!) *Yes, I'm keeping track* By the way, my hair's getting short on each trip to the saloon. The odd part is, I'm getting to like short hair. For those who knows me, I used to have long/very long hair. I had it super straight and wavy too. Can you imagine, people keep on asking me the same question, 'wah, you cut your hair already?', 'not sayang your hair ka?' or 'why cut your hair oh?' Yawn! This is the NEW me! Embrace it (:

2. Still in the same company. Just last week, somebody was telling me. 'What you're still there? go get a new job already!' I wish. Thank you for saying out loud. My friend was introducing me to work in a lawyer's firm. I dunno should I go for it?

3. Got Hitched! Yes, I've upgraded my status from Ms. to Mrs. *wink*

Enough of updates..

Now, anybody is interested to attend a Music Charity organised by Sabah Institute of Art (SIA) A.K.A Detecke. It's a fundraising for SAWO's Crisis Fund. It's on 8/5/11 (Sunday), 3:00P.M @ The Cross (City Mall). Ticket is selling at RM30.00/person. There will be local band preforming too. Those who's not familiar with SAWO, they are the Sabah Women Action-Resource Group. For more info on SAWO check out their Facebook. Please 'Like' them too when your on it.

Do come and show your support to your local women group!

For your info, SAWO is looking for full time staff to work as program coordinators-outreach and awareness, admin and support. Candidates can be F6/college/uni graduates, can use the internet and computer well, open/friendly and able to communicate in english n malay. Paling penting, must sokong perjuangan hak-hak wanita! Send ur application to visit website

Help spread the word people!