Saturday, February 24, 2007

tumpang famous

Well since that I'm NOT famous, I need to 'menumpang' famous.

Anyway, remember the last post I've mention bout me REPRESENTING my brother to a prize giving session? Guess what? Someone save a copy of the newspaper for me *thanks Steph! You're the BEST*

Check out the pics ( with colours somemore *exclamation mark* ) below for my 'saat-saat' glamour:

Guess which one is me?

Still cannot guess?

That's me ;p
( Don't I have a chubby face >.< )

This is just a short update, so that people won't complaint that I hardly blog these days. Happy weekend peepz!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Was thinking of blogging but ... something came up, anyhow I will try to blogging soon. No worries. :D

Friday, February 16, 2007

Chinese New Year blues

It's a day before Chinese New Year eve and I'm still working, sounds fun? NO! I'm so NOT in mood to work at all since Monday. Been slacking, well NOT intensionally but it just HAPPEN! So the whole week as been some sort like honeymoon week. Well I did work just NOT as productive that's all... shhh...

Oh yeah, Monday I went to New Sabah Times to represent my brother to a gift presentation session. He got 3rd prize for a competition organised by BodyShop. It was really last minute thing and my bro just call me up and ask me to go. He was outstation. It turns out that the guy who was giving out the prize ( from BodyShop ) was a friend of my brother during high school. Same class some more. wow! O.o Small world! Then couple days after, I got a call from one of the Marketing personnel of New Sabah Times telling me that my pic is in the newspaper. Cool! But seriously I don't read New Sabah Times so I didn't manage to see how did the pics looked like. So if anyone got a copy of Thursday's ( or was is Wednesday ) New Sabah Times paper can save if for me. ;)

Last Wednesday was the launching for the new Terminal 2 airport, which coincidentally was the launching for Akira Digital Media's 4 screen panel. I was there for the launching, and it felt like I'm going for a 'kenduri'! There were sooooooooooooo many people! Check out the pics below.

This is before the event starts - pardon Jovi, she's kinda camera shy ;p

This is my view from my seat. Cannot see anything rite? I'm starting to think I'm bit short liao now.

My manager asked me to shoot some pics, so I decided to shoot something random :)

At the buffet table - food!!! Only can be eaten after the event

6 flights has been RETIMED! See how nice the word they use.
What they were trying to say was, "your flight has been delayed!"

The Royal guests FINALLY arrived! Sitting comfy in the big a** chair. Should get me one of those in my living room with tiger printed cover over it. Will look good, don't you think? Ok, I'm bit carried away.. next!

1st speech - took him almost 20 mins to finish it.

2nd long boring speech - Yawn!
My legs are tired tooo coz I was standing near to the stage to take some pics.

Guess I'm NOT the only one who was BORED - those VIPs were bz with their hp. Check out the guy in the middle ( the one in red tie ) that's the BIG GUY in Sabah Air right now.

Now, this guy was tired too! Sempat lagi smile for the camera. Hehhee...

Even before the 2nd speech finish, I went back to my seat cannot tahan liao. TIRED!

The climax of the launching.
Sorry cannot see much of action coz I was back in my seat remember?

On another note: I got this for my colleagues at work on valentine day.

I stick it on their LCD monitor. Pink colour heart is for gals, White colour heart is for guys.
Looks like a candy rite?? Heheh..

Guess I'll be blogging after Chinese New Year! Hopefully got pics to show :D Happy Chinese New Year All! Again don't drink and drive, stay safe now. This public announcement has been brought to you by yours truly! Cheers!

Monday, February 12, 2007

siapa nama kamu?

Last week there was this guy who called and keep on asking what's my name. Like huh? What's the deal? I think the 1st time he called he was using a fix line, 088-2xx xxx I dont remember what was the number. He called around 8-9pm?

The-irritating-male-caller: Siapa nama kamu? *What's your name?*
Me: *Confuse me* Kamu mau cari siapa? *Who are you looking for?*
The-irritating-male-caller: Saya mau tau nama kamu *I wanna know what's your name*
Me: *getting pissed* Kenapa? *Why?*
The-irritating-male-caller: Saya TANYA siapa nama kamu? *I ASK what is your name?*
Me: *Hung up the phone*

Tell me that's NOT a 'gotcha' call or something. Initially I was thinking that it was a wrong number and ignored the whole thing. Guess I was wrong. Over the weekend the same guy called AGAIN! asking the same question. I mean like, come on, if the person REALLY wants to know what's my name - can he be more polite? I mean the way he asked, it's like very impolite and irritating. Plus he didn't introduce himself OR tell me what's all the fuss bout knowing my name?

Besides calling, he tried sms me too! O.o Well, I ignored the sms. Why bother rite? Anyone who know this number 014 8540727. Please tell him STOP asking my name! Well I hope this is the end of the 'Siapa nama kamu' episode.

To rest of you: Happy Weekends ;-)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Yesterday I was trying to send sms to my friend but the sms cant seemed to get through. I keep on getting the same message: Message Sending Failed! I re-send the sms for like 4 times in a row. Thought it was another problem with the connection. I got fed up and stop sms her instead I've call her using a fix line.

Then his morning, I was trying to sms my friend ( another different friend ) and I got the same failure message AGAIN! GAH! What's going on man? It was the same problem I was having yesterday. So I thought something WAS wrong with the telco service provider I was using. This afternoon when I tried to call somebody and I cant bloody call outtttt...... WHAT?!

At 1st I thought I ran out of credits, but when I've double check my credits, there's still credits what? As I was checking my credit I noticed that I need to reload before 5/2/07 and today it is already the 6th of Feb!! OMG! So it wasnt the telco problem after all ;p Opsie!


Check this out! Super hilarious..

No offense to anyone okie? Take it easy :-)