Thursday, May 25, 2006

it's over

My birthday was finally over! Many thanks to those who remembered and those who finally remembered :D ( haha... you know who you are! ) It felt good when people greet and make wishes to you. You feel loved and appreciated. It's such a warm feeling you know?

Here are the TOP 3 unforgettable birthday wishes:

#1 - The multiple wishes via SMS ( Suren, Singapore )

1st SMS : Today!

2nd SMS : Today 2x years ago..

3rd SMS : U were born…

4th SMS : its ure burfday so have a smashing 1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY

He send 4 smses just to wish me happy birthday! :D

#2 - The Funky e-card received ( Delon, KK )

#3 - The Belated birthday wish via MSN ( Aussie, Kien )

Actually there is another one, the CONFUSE birthday wish BUT I accidentally DELETED >.<

May 20, 2006 ( Saturday )

This year I celebrated my bday at HOME which is different from previous years where I celebrate it somewhere else. My parents threw me a BBQ bday. Here are some pics taken on that day!

my brother was BBQ-ing ( sorry for the blur image! )

Candid shoot of me from the back, I was looking at err.. something.

*Ai Xing Dan Gau*

Homemade cheese cake !!! I *heart* cheese!
Made by the Emilina & Fiona. Totally didn’t expect it! Thanks gurls!

Next time make me chocolate cookies ;p *shameless request*

that's me in action
- don't be suprise, I got my hair cut liao! ;p

May 21, 2006 ( Sunday )

Eddy brought me to Oya ( おや) for lunch. Spend me makan for my ( belated ) bday wah! Another surprise, I didn't expected it. Oya is a so-called Japanese buffet restaurant ( yeah rite! ) BUT I have doubt on that Japanese buffet part. It is a buffet BUT not entirely JAPANESE food.. they got other food as well, like chinese dishes & also western food! My gosh.. It's NOT really what i expected..

At the entrance of Oya Restaurant
- notice the BIG AS* signboard & banner

These are Japanese food
limited choices *thumbs down*

yummy rite?


This is the guy who made the sushi
- pretending NOT to see the camera!

These are NOT Japanese Food
I didn't take much photos of the food

Guess what is this?

Something else; Looks like raw vege!
Salad anyone?

We arrived there around 1.30pm and left around 2.30pm ( we kinda asked to leave, WTH?! ) actually the restaurant closes at 2pm ( which we didn't know la ) BUT how come they still let us in if they are gonna close up soon? weird huh? Certainly got a bad review from me! Gah!

Finally here~

After a month of waiting...

The magazine finally arrived. What magazine? it’s KLue.

Actually I was doing my friend Tania a favour ( helping her to fill in a survey form online and in return I GET a free copy of KLue. Pretty easy rite? ) Fyi, my last encounter I mean the last time I read that magazine was sometime ago when I was still studying in ICM. Ya memang zaman batu suda that!

Anyways, I was surprised to see the NEW LOOK for KLue. ( Reminder: I read it way way back! Oh wait; I THINK is still got the last copy of the KLue somewhere in my twilight zone – referring to the stacks of books and magazines in the computer room AKA study room. )

Ah ha! What luck! I actually found the magazine – it was covered with 1 inch thick of dust ( okay, maybe 1 inch is too much BUT hey, there were dust all over okay *sneeze* - excuse me! )

Since I FOUND the magazine lets do some comparison shall we?





New Age
( current 2006 )

Old Skool
( way back in 2003, ok ok NOT so old also la rite? )


left: 2006 issue | right: 2003 issue

2006 issue looking hip

2003 issuenot too bad either

winner : draw


2006 issue

2003 issue

2006 issuesoooo many to column to choose from

2003 issue limited

winner : 2006 issue

Thickness of the magazine

above: 2006 issue | below: 2003 issue

2006 issuethicker la
( obviously since the content is more
more more )

2003 issueerm.. not so thick
( I believe we all know why )

winner : 2006 issue ( hands down )

Comparison on the same column

left: 2006 issue | right: 2003 issue

2006 issueNeat

2003 issueNeat too!

winner : another draw


2006 issue

2003 issue

2006 issue more more pics

2003 issue experiencing pics drought

winner: *no shocker here* 2006

Overall winner : 2006

What I like bout KLue actually?
Hmm... I guess it'll be the colourful pictures and also the funky designs! Plus some of the articles are funny too!

So go get yourself a KLue gang!

For those who can’t get enough of KLue? Visit


Totally unrelated topic:

Couple weeks ago I went to my very FIRST warehouse sale! Yes, I NEVER BEEN TO ANY BEFORE! Since the place was kinda near to my office, why not drop by to check out some goods rite? I might find something that I want? Who knows?

I took some pictures on that day too! ;p

See below:-

at the entrance

When I got there the crowd was NOT that bad, I mean I was imagining that people were rushing and buying stuffs like mad. Guess my overactive imagination was wrong!

Outside of the building

electrical goods section - who wanna buy vacuum cleaner? radio ka?

health products - bird nest anyone?

Actually still got lots more stalls but didnt take pics coz some people were giving me the 'look' liao.. So Decided to go in the building to see what's in it..

Inside of the building

Near the entrance I saw 2 BIG display cabinets full with products ( I'm guessing that's what they are selling )

I can see cream, facial stuffs, lipstick, shampoo.. list goes on

.. and more products ..

Some of the products they were selling were on the floor too!

Well there was a particular room that was pack with ladies. I didn’t know what was going on. At 1st I thought they were having some lucky draw, BUT as I went in I saw that they were actually BUYING something.

Guess what were they buying?





It’s cosmetics - Loreal & Maybeline’s brand. XD

Ceh! I thought what’s so suspend wah..

selling like 'hot cakes'

Well, I did buy some stuffs, NOT much though coz there wasn’t anything much that I really really would like to purchase.

p/s: more more updates.. SOON!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another picture of the day!

Picture of the day:
Come and Play for Me

again picture taken from

p/s: Not in a blogging mood lately. ;p

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Picture of the day!

Picture of the Day:
Come and play with me!

picture was taken from

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

count down!

Just in case you are wondering, this is a chart to indicate

when is *cough* my birthday *cough*

Looks like the day is getting nearer! *grin*

What? Can't I do a bday count down for myself? Bler!

Monday, May 15, 2006

May Babies

3 birthdays celebrated so far..

Feast Yourself with Birthday pics!






Eddy’s grandpapa

The bday was celebrated in SUPERTANKER.

Havent been there for sometime.

People who came were mostly family or family’s friends.

Here are some pics I manage to snap.

*That is his Lordship Bishop John Lee

*Mother Cecelia Liew was invited too!

*Just before the cake cutting ceremony. They were singing birthday song.

*The evil I mean NAUGHTY cousins of Eddy.
Left: Avrill Right: Kei-Kei

*After the celebration.

Nothing left but dirty dishes that need to be wash.


Yvonne’s bday

Actually I didn’t know it was HER birthday on the 8th May.
I was invited me to her pre-bday mini celebration at YoYo Café.

*Part of the crowd that came for the bday celebration.

*The bday gal – she’s turning 24 this year.

Short talk
Me: how old are you turning?
Yvonne: 24
Me: wah? Izzit? You don’t like 24 la..
Yvonne: really? That means I took great care of myself lor! hehehe..
Me: yeah, you did a great job on that!
Yvonne: *smiles*

*The yummilious cake! – drooling liao!

*Yvonne and her lou-gong-zai ( Ah Lik )

* DoDo was helping her to divide (cut) the cake

* my share of the cake!


Jen’s Bday

Since it was Jen bday, zac-ky wacky decided that we give her a treat at Atlantis, Damai.

*The menu

*Food that we ordered

*With bday girl - another fellow "taurusian"

*Group pic! Girls vs. Boys

That's all for now!

More updates coming up soon..

Saturday, May 13, 2006


May 13, 2006 ( Saturday )
langging BIG time..

I know that I havent been updating 'regularly'.. Yes, I've noticed it thank-you-very-much..
I took lots of pics over last few weeks and couldnt wait to share it with you all.. I've managed to edit MOST of the pics too ( ahhh yes finally! ) BUTTTTTT... i left my pen-drive at HOME!

SOO... have to wait for next week.. here are some of the highlights of the previous weeks ( OMG! sounds like ages! )

Currently something wrong with the modem at HOME!
Can't get online at home.. Arghh~ bummer! *sob*

Go Kelly!
Went to Borneo Kellybay for the weekend. Had tons of FUN!

May babies!
The bday month for - Jen, Ivy, ah Kit, Jen's bf, Eddy's dad, Eddy's grandpapa.. and also NOT forgetting.. it's MY BIRTHDAY TOO! Teeheehee... *hint*

Sabah Fest
Another reason to celebrate! Went to the Sabah Fest launching last Friday at Megellan..
More more pics to share!

er... what else har? i can't recall liao..

Oh yeah, before I forget




Wanna wish my mom


Thanks for being a SUPER MOM!

*with mom

I know I'm a handful to take care of!

At times I'm a *bit* SPOIL BRAT
*Look, I admited it*

Don't really help much BUT I'm changing!

Now onwards I'll be MORE

1. tactFUL

2. helpFUL

3. playFUL
( err.. I don't think this sound right? )

4. grateFUL

5. thankFUL

and other words ending with FUL! *grin*

BUT one thing I will always be..





*I know there's NO such word as BESTEST, so?

Thanks for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

*Last year's mother's day cake

Edited: Oh yeah, not forgetting my grandmama too!

She's a mother,

grandmama &

great grandmama!

Presenting grandmama Josephine!





*the old and the young

Happy mother's day grandmama!

Oh and not forgetting the other supermom's out there, happy mother's day to you too!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Barbie me?

May 6, 2006 ( Saturday )
Barbie me?

Tsen came into the office to re-fill his water bottle. Then suddenly he said to me..

Tsen: Do you know whenever I see you what do you remind me of?

Me: Err.. What?

Tsen: A doll ( Janet told me that Tsen told her that I LOOK LIKE BARBIE. WTH!? )

Me: *Confused* Huh? How come?

Tsen: Coz you don't look like real human. You looked like a doll to me.

Me: Har?

*With that last stament, he left the office with me still mulling what he just said.

So does this means everyday I looked like this to Tsen?






*Hi, I'm Amy BUT you can call me Barbie!*

Argh, I hope NOT!