Saturday, August 05, 2006

Let's Frappr!

Go get your own Frappr mate!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

in the name of shoes

...Ah shoesss..

Reason on why gals cannot have too much of them ( refer to shoes okay ) coz there are toooooo so many varieties. I've stumble upon this site it has lots of ideas on what sort of shoes ( there are other things beside shoes ) would suits your personality..

Here are some of the results I've got for the quizes i took:

What Pretty Pink Shoes Should You Wear?

Your Pretty Pink Shoes Are
Marc by Marc Jacobs

Me: Errr.. I dont think this what I will buy.

What Funky Boots Are You?

Your Funky Boots Are
Lucchese N4513

Me: Funky design BUT yucky color combo.. Next..

What Espadrilles Should You Wear?

Your Espadrilles Are
Kate Spade Anguilla

Me: That is sooo NOT me either.. Where did they get all this shoes from?

What Boho Shoes Are You?

Your Boho Shoes Are
Apepazza Salerno

Me: Ok lar.. this one is so-so.. can be nicer though :P

What Sexy Sandals Are You?

Your Sexy Sandals Are
Giuseppe Zanotti 5066

Me: This is sexy! Me likey.. Does it comes in other colors too? *wink*