Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fashion geek!

Ain't that clutch looking slaaamming or what? Well, if you think it's a clutch, then try look again. 

It's a HP (special edition) notebook actually. Hah! The design was created by Guang Zhuo born designer, Vivienne Tam. The notebook also features a complementary embroided storage sleeve that keep the exterior protected while being carried as a clutch. Now you can be a chic geek. For more info check out HP website

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Get Manga-ed!

This is me..

.... in Manga (Manga single "n" NOT "mangga" yang boleh dimakan ;p) Manga means comics in Japanese. If your interested to make your own manga avatar, you can try visit Face Your Manga

Btw, just now I've meet a bunch of people from one of the Church in KK. The 1st thing they ask me was "Can You Speak Chinese/Mandarin". I was like, "yeah sure". Then this dude was like, "Thank goodness, we though you were a Philipino because of your name". Sooo.. guys, does my name sound like a Philipino name? Just curious..

Small talk: Power Icon (Singing competition organised by KKJC) Semi Final & Final will be held in City Mall this Sunday. Semi Final will be at 2PM. Final will be at 7PM. Do come and support.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Save Your Lungs

I was browsing through one of my friend's blog and I saw the above poster. He is in the verge of quitting smoking (for the 2nd time) - He call it "Saving My Lungs, 2nd Time Quitting Project" I think people who CAN successfully quit that habit seriously should give them a BIG pat on the back and a Medal for being strong mentally. Quitting an addiction not only need strong mind BUT determination.

For all you smokers out there, it's NOT too late to save you lungs. It's an addiction you MUST snap out of it. Loose the Marlboro or you'll loose your lungs. Pick one.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Innovative (Full)Moon cake!

When I said innovative, I mean REAL innovative.. as in the shape, NOT the taste. Now, A Moon cake maker had come up with a NEW design/shape.

Check it out!

click on image for bigger picture

So anybody wants a bite on the butt (pun intended) ;p

Sunday, September 07, 2008

flash back!

Sorry for the lack of updates (AGAIN!), I wanted to blame on my work, but what's the point right. Well, NOT to worry I'm still life & kicking as usual. Rewind to last year on this month, I was busy for arranging things for Ramadhan, had fun time BBQ with bunch of friends, celebrated friend's bday and etc.. BUT the highlight of the month was I got terribly sick and got disconnected with the outside world. I didn't see it coming but one cannot predict that he/she will get sick right? Looking back, it's been a year now (well ALMOST a year). I'm glad I'm all healthy now.

This afternoon I was at the hospital, Ed's grandpa was admitted to SMC (around 4am). Looking at Ed's grandpa on the sick bed gave me a flash back when I was admitted last year. Sometimes I think we take our good health for granted. (On another note: Did anyone realise HOW expensive are the food in hospital canteen/restaurant? O-M-G!)

Picture time! Here are some other flash back pics which I would like to share.

Me & Elsie @ Borneo Kellybay, Tuaran
This was taken when I was still with Sabah Tea Garden during a company outing, we had our face painted for fun! (Actually the face painting was mandatory or else we can't have our dinner ;p)

With bunch of SAWO gang @ Megellan
We were attending dinner for World Women Day celebration (Check out the attire, we didn't follow the dress code, which was batik theme. We were rebellious!! :D)

That's me at the railway, this pic was taken early this year at Papar town (was doing photo hunting in Papar town)

The end, will update soon.