Thursday, March 27, 2008

lazy days

Have you ever experience you feel not doing anything EVEN THOUGH there are things need to be done? Well, that's how I feel today. I feel like doing nothing, counting every minutes to go back.. but then this happen.

Guy client: Can I come to meet you in 15 - 20 mins time? ( suda la i anxious to get out from the office)

Me: *looking at the time, 5:42pm* Wow, it'll be 6pm when you get here. I need to go attend something else by then. Can we do this tomorrow? ( sengaja bah, even I got the time I really really don't have the mood to meet anyone dy )

Guy client: Can you do me this favour? I need you to show me the location please coz I'll be going off to Philippines tomorrow. (GOOOOSSHHHH... somebody please just stab me. Help~)

Me: Ok then ( Giving the tidak bersemangat voice, no choice kan.. Kena force! )

Guy client: Maybe I'll be a bit late, coz I'm still in *somewhere* and it's kinda jam now. (OMG~ So this means... I'm going to waste my time waiting for this bugger, and it's NOT even working hours )

Me: ....... ok....

Well, I believe in karma.. If I do good things, good things will come. ( Kasi motivate diri )