Monday, June 30, 2008

yo dawg!

Was browsing through my old pics, saw this particular pic of my dog when it was still young. Doesn't all puppies look cuter when it's younger? Tell me, how do u normally call a dog(to get it's attention) if you randomly bump into one...? Let me guess, MOST of you will answer 'ko-pi' or 'kopi'. Correct not? Well, at least for me I'll call it 'ko-pi'. I wonder how did the word 'ko-pi' came about? Anybody knows the answer? Please share ;-) Also, I always talk to my dogs, more like greet them when I see them first thing in the morning or when I get back from work. Like 'been a good girl?' or 'how are you doing?' or even 'got miss me or not?'

So, do you talk to your pets? or am I abnormal? :p

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Drama King!

For the very first time, I’ve meet a very difficult client from the planet hell. He is making a fuss over small issue and even threaten to write a complain letter to my company if I didn’t do what he requested. Remember the movie ‘white chicks’, the scene where one of the Paris Hilton wannabe sister going to have a BF (B*tch Fit), she took out a paper and pen to write a letter to the boss/director. Well, it’s something similar to that, except it was a guy and he didn’t take out a paper but he keep on saying he is going to snap pictures as a prove that there is something I’m not doing for him. One of his staff was there with him, after he left, she told me, “Dia memang tidak mau mengalah tu, itu style dia” (Translate: He will not give in, that’s his style). Drama, drama, drama..

Speaking of which, tell me what you guys will do in this other situation. You are talking to this girl (who is just an acquaintance), then when u were looking at her eyes (you guys do make eye contact with the person your talking to right? Well, this is not the point), then you realised that the fake eye lashes on her left eye is COMING OFF! On top of that there is something (white flaky stuff) is hanging out from her nose. So, do you guys like: a) Ignore it b) Laugh Out Loud c)Ask her if she checked herself in the mirror d)Tell her about it. If you were the girl do you feel offended if the person you talked to point it out to you?

By the way it’s Justine’s bday today. Tried to call him just now, but he didn’t pick up the calls, turns out that he was resting as he’s down with fever. Poor thing! Justine if your reading this, please get some rest or else 4 hari MC pun tak cukup tu.

Happy Weekend!

p/s: Heard that 1 borneo is having an auto fair this weekend. Anyone going?

with Le'Ann & Gracie - Miss both of them

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tagged: 6 (non)sensical stuffs bout me

I got tagged. Haven't been doing tags for sometime.

1. Link to the person that tagged you - Celine
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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag someone.

What is 6 (non)sensical stuffs about me

I can’t take spicy food, I mean like food with chili in it, or something hot. Like KFC for example, I always order the original flavor never the hot and spicy. However, I don’t mind curry though, well, NOT those very spicy one lar.. else I ended up drinking more water than eating.

I can’t stand seeing people who throw rubbish out from the car, or those who just leave rubbish behind. JUST CAN’T STAND!


I used to fancy Hanson (a band consist of 3 brothers, Taylor, Zac & Issac, gosh..! I still remember their names) when I was in high school. I think Taylor was da’ boom, back them. I *heart* guys with long hair back then. That was back then. Back then okay.

I used to like black colour so much that most of the cloths I had was black. After black, I was into blue colour. Then all the suddent I was into silver colour, after the silver phase, I was into red. Then maroon, grey, brown, white.. Right now I’m into purple. Heck, I still like all the colours I’ve mention, just depends on my mood.


I like movies with Adam Sandler in it. I think he is hilarious!

I’m still undecided which handphone I should buy, wait.. should I get a new handphone or should I just wait till the price of handphones drop ( A LOT ) then I get one? Coz the one I’m eyeing on is out of my budget. Dilemma, dilemma. Agahh.. What brand of handphone are you guys using right now by the way?

End of tag, that was easy-peasy. Now, here is the fun part: Tagging others.

Nomination for my tag:
1. Massy
2. Justine
3. Allen
4. Mel

Monday, June 23, 2008

shoot me please?

Over the weekend, there was supposed be a photography session with some friends, but it was canceled. Mag wasn’t feeling well. Hope you feel better soon girl. Well, since I was already pump up to take pics. We went “background” hunting instead, while waiting for the talk on wildlife & wedding shots by Calvin Ng organised by Nikon in Centre point. Too bad Cede Prudente wasn’t there to give any talk, I’m sure he got lots to share. Hey, talking bout Centre Point, did anyone realized that there was problem with the air condition in that mall? The thing is, it has been like what..? 3 weeks? And it’s still NOT fix yet… OMG, what’s going on? Seriously, the management should fix it pronto! Now about bout fixing something, I recall that some of the escalators are NOT moving as well.. Double Ding!! or MAYBE as well or they are trying to save electricity? Gee..

Back to the background hunting I was talking bout just now. Check out the pics below, try guess where were the pics taken?

This is the pose for people with-no-idea-how-to-pose punya pose

This is mengada-ngada punya pose

Emo pose konon! :p

Another no-idea-how-to-pose punya pose

I think the pics above are more like silly pics. Don't you just L-O-V-E the background in the pics.

Was having a break after shooting. Guess what? It suddenly rained heavily, thank goodness we were in door before the sky decided to rain. We did some jump shots in public, that was ... FUN! I think the people though we were either crazy, lunatic or both!

Candid shoot!
I was tengah concentrate with the ice cream. Yum-my!

During the talk, saw lots of Kinabalu Photography Club (KPC) members, guess there were there to give support to their fellow member, Calvin. I saw Mr. Syed and Mr. Gan both ‘orang kuat’ KPC too! The talk was bit too draggy for me. There were some good tips from Calvin though, which I can practice for my next photo shooting.

Some of the photographs on display.

Calvin told us that one of his photograph was STOLEN while on exhibit!! OMG! The thief has the guts to steal it right in front of everyone!!!

So what did you do over the weekend?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm back

Finally, I got the time to update my oh-so-dusty blog. Been abandoning it since, well.. long time ago. Didn’t really blog anything interesting, besides my hp kena STOLEN, yeah.. it wasn’t lost but kena STOLEN. Haven’t got a new hp till yet, I am still relying on my previous hp, which today, I realized that the screen is having this weird flickering. *Oh Nooooo* Am still hunting for a phone. (Mas, I know you’ll be reading this, “Suda you ask you dad the rates ka for the hp?) Okay hp issue aside; guess how much I paid for loosing my IC and Driver’s license? It’s RM 4 (administrative or resit fee(?) for police report + RM 110 (penalty for making new IC, you know the police told me that one can get a 50% discount IF you were mugged by somebody and you loose your IC. Adakah? I think they should NOT EVEN charge anything IF that person kena mug, kan? Not that you yang minta kena mug juga kan?) + RM 20 (make a new driving license; this one NO discount, even you were being mug) = RM 134. I’m poorer by RM134 because of that incident. Ouch!

Currently I’m busy with organising an Auto Fair event; I thought this will be an easy-peasy smooth sailing process. There are lots of last minute unforeseen things are happening. First issue with the banners: rental of space (OMG! Punya expensiveee.. I think I should start rent out space in public area.. especially those near the traffic light. I’ll be filthy RICH.. RICH I said!), last minute pull out of exhibitor (don’t you just hate it when people just change their mind oh-so-suddenly), then need to organised 2 prize giving for lucky draw and photography contest.. Still haven’t got a caterer for the high tea. Anybody out there knows a decent price caterer. I need one urgently. Oh, and the souvenir for the photography contest judges!! Gah!!! Aside from that there is another fair in August, which, I’m yet to do.

Sometimes I feel tired working, am always looking forward for the weekends. So that I can do my own thing, macam shopping ka, watch movie, go do my hair ka (lama suda didn’t go to the saloon, my hair really need a trim. I miss Shirley too – a dear friend, my hairdresser) Then when weekend comes, somehow I’ll feel too tired to go out, feels like stay indoor saja, now with the hike of fuel lagi, tambah lagi no mood suda ni. This week has been hectic, I was so busy at work and I feel like I’m running out of mornings and afternoons. There are times I was asking myself, what happen to my morning? At the same time, I was telling myself to take it easy, I should NOT be so tense or stress out coz I can get very stress out when the event I’m doing is getting close. One more thing I’ve realised is, I’m getting heavier. For those who haven’t seen me, I’m chubbier now and my tummy is not getting any flatter. I used to not worry bout my weigh, but lately.. Been bit worried, must be all those cheezel I’ve been munching.. I *heart* CHEEZEL! Anyone knows how to get a flat tummy? I heard doing sit up helps.. any other ways? Does sitting up straight help as well? Just wondering only.

For all the bad and ugly things happened, there were good things happened as well. I know I should not be miserable. That’s why for every good thing happen I always say ‘Thank you’ to the Big Guy up there, I know He is always looking after me. I should count my blessing for all I know.

Happy weekend peeps!

p/s: there is an opening vacancy for HR at my place. Anyone interested?