Wednesday, March 15, 2006

STG trip!

March 9, 2006 (Thursday)
Journey to the Land of Tea! - part 1

- morning -
Last Thursday I went to Sabah Tea Garden (STG) with MK. We were having a 2 Days 1 Night stay there. Initially it WAS supposted to be a Day Trip! BUT MK wanted to stay for the nite coz on Friday morning IDS group will be coming over for a visit ( he wanted to be around when they arrived in STG ) We head for STG around 11 something. I got sleepy half way through the journey. Woke up bloody early in the morning so sleepy lor!

- afternoon -
Reached Ranau town around 1:30pm. Just in time for lunch! i was dead hungry by then! MK suggested we dine at KFC. Fine for me, anywhere will be ok just make sure we get some food!

Actually we were counting how long it takes from Ranau town to STG. We checked the time where we started in Ranau town BUT we forgotten to check the time when we got to STG. *mao lit hor! The first thing i noticed when i got into the tea house was the smell of tea! *go figure!

Sabah Tea Plantation, nestled into the lush tropical wilderness of Malaysia’s first ever World Heritage Site, Mount Kinabalu, sits on a 6,200-acre land at 2,272 feet above sea level. It is surrounded by the world’s oldest rainforest of about 130 million years.

Sabah Tea Plantation is the largest single commercial tea plantation in Borneo with approximated area of 1,000 acres endowed with an interesting plant and agriculture resources, Camellia Sinensis. It is also one of the very few tea plantations in the world that certified to produce organic tea.

check out Sabah Tea Garden webbie for more info

We ( MK & me ) checked-in to the GUEST HOUSE. Actually this is my 2nd stay here in STG. Previously i had my FAM trip with a bunch of people (on Feb), by then i was staying in the Rungus longhouse. Which i think it's a good experience! I really recomment that everyone should try staying in the Rungus longhouse. Well at LEAST ONCE lar, come on!

The Rungus Longhouse Experience: Priceless!

* My last FAM trip in STG ( err, i know it's bit blurry.. didnt edit it )

Later in the evening we'll be attending the STG Annual Dinner ( This was the WHOLE idea of going up to STG - For the makan saja bah actually! )

- evening -
It started to rain! ( boo-hoo! cannot take any pics liao.. since it rained ). We met the SIRIM group. They were in STG for a short visit. Kunun-kunun wanna servey the place la!

Around 5.30pm we headed to Fairy Garden ( that was the place were the makan makan thingy was held ) we reach there around 6.30pm. It was darn cold! even I'm wearing my jacket but still cold.. brr...!! Maybe I'm NOT used to the coldness.. I didnt take much pictures as i was freezing! I thought that we would have our dinner once we got there BUT apparently we still need to wait for some *ahem people from DESA TEA. Si Beh SLOW!

I was COLD and HUNGRY! i ate some M&Ms while waiting for the so-called Datuks & Datin to arrive! MK ate some PINANG! ( got it from Hilda ) gosh, looks like MK is also hungry to the extend that he's eating PINANG liao! ( fyi, MK told me that Pinang is tasteless! har? then why some people like to eat it leh? yes, i dont understand it either! )

The DESA TEA's finally arrived at 7.30pm! *walao wey, make us waited for 1 hour full hour la!Finally can have our dinner liao. I realised that i tend to eat ALOT when I'm cold! Maybe my body needs more carbo to burn!

* Can spot me ka? the COLD n HUNGRY one! ( at Fairy Garden )

After our 'makan', they decided to go for a drink in Ranau town. *Wah, makan not enough continue drinking! Siao leh! i think some of the guys started to 'logop' after few drinks. I was too full by then, my stomach cant take in anything liao.. After the drinking session, head back straight to STG!

* 2nd round - aramaiti geng! ( at some random kopitiam in Ranau )

After my shower wanted to watch telly BUT problem with the reception so cannot watch any program *darn it! So i got bored and decided to take some shots in the room.

* the king size bed - all for me.. muahahahha!

*So BIG yet useless to me

* bathroom that comes with a separate bath tub & shower place ( pic only show bath tub )

* got desk some more ( for you to do your work )

March 10, 2006 (Friday)
Journey to the Land of Tea! - part 2

- morning -
woke up at 6.30am - wanted to snap some pics BUT the mist was way tooo thick! so went back to bed! ;p

woke up again at 7 something, getting ready. Gonna have a short presentation/meeting at the Tea House. I was supposed to brief the staffs about the marketing plans ( on going / future ). Packed my stuffs before leaving the room. I saw MK was at the dining table doing some cribbling.. i think he's thinking bout something. The mist was NOT so bad that time, decided to snap some pictures. It took me 1/2 hour to shoot the pictures. MK was already eager to make a move. At the guest house's gate, we saw some plantation workers harvesting the tea plants. We decided to stop for a while coz MK wanna let me see how's the process like. I was like taking more pictures!

* morning view of the tea plantation

*harvesting tea - this was taken at another side of the plantation

By then we're late liao.. hehe! Thanks to me! ;p

Anyways, we got our breakie 1st before starting off anything meeting.
I guess it's kinda an informal meeting. I showed the marketings stuffs that I've been working at, and hand over some marketing materials that they can use.

Around 9.40am - IDS group arrived! They had their breakie 1st before starting the Factory Tour. I was joining them in their tour. There were some foreign people in the IDS group. ( e.g.: Auzzie & Thai )

* During the Factory Tour - guy in the cowboy hat is the AD!

Towards the end of the tour, the Associate Director (AD) asked me a question which i find it funny.

AD: Are you the owner of this place?
What in the world gave him that idea? lol. I told MK bout this, he said maybe AD thought that I'm the taukeh-niong! Walao wey! If he said the "daughter" of the Taukeh maybe la... I'm NOT that old looking what! *fainted!

After the tour we had our early lunch. Walao it's NOT even 12 noon yet and we're eating lunch liao. Seriously, I'm still full.. BUT they already helped me to order some food. I hardly touch the food.. so wasting lar! I didnt know they order liao or else i WOULD order for something light! Sandwich ka? Pancake ka?

- afternoon -
Departed from STG around 12 something. I know it's bit early BUT it was MK's idea.
We had a few pit stop - Ranau Tamu & Kundasang ( bought some stuffs there! )
During our journey back to KK. MK & me chatted alot! It feels like a daddy & daughter trip. MK told me that, if he did get married earlier he might have a child at my age.. awww!

Got back to the office before 4pm. I was so NOT in the mood of working at ALL!

p/s: if anyone is interested to see more of STG's picture i upload some of them in check it out. Who knows you might like it? :D


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