Thursday, August 03, 2006

in the name of shoes

...Ah shoesss..

Reason on why gals cannot have too much of them ( refer to shoes okay ) coz there are toooooo so many varieties. I've stumble upon this site it has lots of ideas on what sort of shoes ( there are other things beside shoes ) would suits your personality..

Here are some of the results I've got for the quizes i took:

What Pretty Pink Shoes Should You Wear?

Your Pretty Pink Shoes Are
Marc by Marc Jacobs

Me: Errr.. I dont think this what I will buy.

What Funky Boots Are You?

Your Funky Boots Are
Lucchese N4513

Me: Funky design BUT yucky color combo.. Next..

What Espadrilles Should You Wear?

Your Espadrilles Are
Kate Spade Anguilla

Me: That is sooo NOT me either.. Where did they get all this shoes from?

What Boho Shoes Are You?

Your Boho Shoes Are
Apepazza Salerno

Me: Ok lar.. this one is so-so.. can be nicer though :P

What Sexy Sandals Are You?

Your Sexy Sandals Are
Giuseppe Zanotti 5066

Me: This is sexy! Me likey.. Does it comes in other colors too? *wink*


maslight said...

of all those..i'll pick the sexy sandals :D ahhahah damn dat's cute

a2blog said...

girls and shoes.. :P
haha.. strong connection!

babyphoenix said...

mas: yeah, sexy kan kan kan...
al: psstt... dont tell anyone ;p