Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's elephants & rhinos

It's elephants & rhinos..
Oct 4, 2006 (Wednesday)

It was raining heavily last nite. This morning the rain has mellowed down and eventually stopped, but not for long. The rain resumes again! Hey, it's noon now and it's still pouring heavily. Did someone upset mother nature?

Anyways, there were flights been cancelled, delayed and some can't even land. Heard it was due to poor visibility - oh and thanks to the haze somemore. Fyi, the API (Air Pollution Index) for KK was recorded at 82 yesterday. Looks like it's increasing by the day. Gah!

Hope the the elephants & rhinos turn back to cats and dogs.. I DONT WANNA STAY AT THE AIRPORT TONITE!

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maslight said...

macam weather forecast pulak se rasa time se read ur post hehehehehe bad. wuahhhhhhhhhh yeah, strong wind eh earlier. so scary~