Wednesday, November 29, 2006

getting ready for the show!

Today is Wednesday - 2 more days before the Media FAM trip to TABIN!

Currently I'm waiting for my lunch ( time check: it's 1:46pm! Heck, I'm starving!!! gahhhh! ) My colleague is supposed to 'ta-pau' for me like an hour ago?!? ) Might as well blog a bit while waiting for the food. Today I'm packing the Media Kit for this Friday's trip and I'm still short of ONE pair of leech socks ( Just in case you wanna know: leech socks is something you might wanna use when your going jungle trekking - yes, the name tells it all - to prevent leech bites. Yikes!) Weird thing was, I'm VERY sure I got the right amount of socks this morning. Anyways I've requested another one.

I'm tired BUT excited!

Tired part:
#1 - The one that cannot make decission
People from the media keep changing the names and flight time. I'm not the person who owns the airline la wey! How to simply make changes har?

#2 - Lagger ( lagging person )
The BEST part - last minute confirmation!
Don't you hate it when you gave someone dateline and they dont bother till the last second. They finally relised time is short and they keep calling you even when it's after office hours?! Like hello? Don't other people need some time off?

#2 - The over-paranoid-boss
Top 3 list
1. Keep bugging you when your trying your best to do your job.
2. Giving unrealated work to do when there's something MORE important work to finish.
3. Asking to do something trivia which somebody else can easily do it. SOME PLEASE SAVE ME! ROARRR!

Now, let move on to..

Excited part:
#1 - I'll be stepping to Lahad Datu for the very first time
Yes, it will be my maiden trip to Lahad Datu. Hope get a good look of that place.

#2 - Tabin Wildlife Reserve
I'm going to visit Tabin Wildlife Reserve! The land where Sumantran Rhinoes & Borneo Pygmy Elephants roam! To see the famous Lipad mud volcano - maybe to get a DIY mud spa too.. hehe.. Jungle trek to the waterfall, maybe I'm luckily enough to catch the 'jumping fish' in action (mana la tau 'lady luck' is at my side?)

#3 - FlyAsianXpress (FAX)
I dunno bout you guys, but this is my 1st time flying via FAX! Excited or scared?! I dunoo.. let's just see how it goes

Gosh, my lunch is STILL NOT HERE YET! I demand a refund!! Super-duper-hyper hungry liao!!!!!


maslight said...

omg omg omg..amy gonna go to tabin.

*sigh..sadly to say amy...some ppl are retards! they love to make changes and they love doing things a the very last minute *sigh.

take lotsa lotsa pix and blog about it ya! dun forget! XD haf fun!

babyphoenix said...

my cam is wont charge!!!!! ROARRR!! bu t i'll be bring a handy cam instead :D yay!

maslight said...

hahhaha yay! heaheh woo videos then? weeeeeeeeeeeeee

Nicholian Justine said...

yoooo... amy u go to TABIN ... hey remember i went to sandakan and conduct the Foreign Worker Induction ... damn.. but nice place... hehehe