Saturday, February 24, 2007

tumpang famous

Well since that I'm NOT famous, I need to 'menumpang' famous.

Anyway, remember the last post I've mention bout me REPRESENTING my brother to a prize giving session? Guess what? Someone save a copy of the newspaper for me *thanks Steph! You're the BEST*

Check out the pics ( with colours somemore *exclamation mark* ) below for my 'saat-saat' glamour:

Guess which one is me?

Still cannot guess?

That's me ;p
( Don't I have a chubby face >.< )

This is just a short update, so that people won't complaint that I hardly blog these days. Happy weekend peepz!


allen said...

nice to cubit

maslight said...

woo famous gila amy...oh btw, i can tell from afar juz looking at the hair *lol

babyphoenix said...

allen: apa la nice to cubit.. bler!

mas: hahhaha... mana famous gila.. itu menumpang saja that. ur DJ sis la famous gila that.

SR215 said...

Err.. where are you located anyway?