Wednesday, May 23, 2007

hands-free umbrella anyone?

Note: I got this from a friend's forward email. This is dedicated to those who dread to hold umbrella or hands are always too occupied to hold umbrella.

Behold the hands-free umbrella!!!

This is no ordinary umbrella.

Instead of hold it, you need to put on it.



You wear it like this!

Front view

Side view

Back view

So, this is how it would looked like on you.
You'll be wearing your umbrella, instead of holding it.

If you think it's only for adults, well, there are hands-free umbrella for kiddo's as well!

Cute can!


maslight said...

wuah so convenient..though inda sakit ka tu? ^^;

babyphoenix said...
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babyphoenix said...

er, that one i dunno ;p
bah go get one...