Tuesday, May 29, 2007

SAWO: Project Kg. Kiau ( Part 2 )

Note: A continuation of this post


After driving uphill and downhill for nearly 30 mins we finally reah Kg. Kiau! During the ride, we saw hillside padi plants and some pineapple field.

Making our way up to Kg. Kiau

Hillside padi plants
( opss, sorry for the reflection from the mirror )

Pineapple field

We also passed by the ONLY school in Kg. Kiau ( forgotten what's the school's name ) Btw, it's a primary school. Those who wants to go to the nearest secondary school will be in Kota Belud. That will be in another town.

The wooden primary school

When we reach there, we were greeted by local women, young and old. Actually we were behind schedule. In another word, we were LATE! We start off with some introduction from SAWO, telling them our objectives visiting them on that day. We taught them to use the video camera. Why you ask? Coz we believe in using other method to reach out and do presentation. Rather than giving 2 hours lousy sleepy speech, we use multimedia and theater to reach out. It makes the audience more interactive and attentive ( it rhymes!)

Here are some of the activities conducted that day.

Draw time line!

This is one of the group doing the time line.

We also did the time line

Presentation from one of the group. Actually they were supposed to act out the time line, but this group decided to present it only, BORING!

In my group's acting, I was acting the drunken hubby that hits his wife! Hehe.. Evil!

Here is some random pic I took, it's a butterfly on the door. Almost didn't see it coz the color is almost camouflage.

We stop the workshop around 12.30pm for lunch. Resumes after an hour. The second half of the workshop was to do a 15mins video filming, which the participants need to product. Sorry no pics were taken after the lunch, I totally forgotten to take any pics.

Pic taken from car

On our way out from Kg. Kiau, there was a car could not climb up the hill. Everybody need to get down from the car. So cham! Luckily the car I was in didn't experience such problem. :p

Poor them, need to hike up.

Buh-bye Kg. Kiau!
Will see you again in the future!