Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Get Manga-ed!

This is me..

.... in Manga (Manga single "n" NOT "mangga" yang boleh dimakan ;p) Manga means comics in Japanese. If your interested to make your own manga avatar, you can try visit Face Your Manga

Btw, just now I've meet a bunch of people from one of the Church in KK. The 1st thing they ask me was "Can You Speak Chinese/Mandarin". I was like, "yeah sure". Then this dude was like, "Thank goodness, we though you were a Philipino because of your name". Sooo.. guys, does my name sound like a Philipino name? Just curious..

Small talk: Power Icon (Singing competition organised by KKJC) Semi Final & Final will be held in City Mall this Sunday. Semi Final will be at 2PM. Final will be at 7PM. Do come and support.


Nicholian Justine said...

hmmm if me.. just by your name..
1st will be kadazan... hahaha u as Philippino.. hahaha

maslight said...

I had the thought of doing this but never got the time to.. XD maybe I should weeeeeeeee