Thursday, April 23, 2009

Si Beh Cheap!

Can we say Yay!

Sushi King is having a membership special offer week, all sushi @ RM2 ONLY. Since I'm a fan of Japanese food, I won't miss out this oppurtunity ;-)

Shot this while waiting outside the restaurant. It was FULL house. 
woo.. greaaat! 

Another shot taken inside Sushi King. Not bad for a Thursday.

LEA CENTRE, City Mall - 50% off every item. 

Yes for EVERY item.  E.V.E.R.Y!

Shopping theraphy anyone?

something for the ladies.

something for the men

Side Story:
It's already Thursday. I am really looking forward for tomorrow night as I'm going to attend a Life in a Spirit seminar with my buddy Dotz (Dotz is just a nickname I call her, yes, even in real life)

The 'list' in my daily 'Things to do' is getting longer. Lots of things is on my plate right now, but I'm looking at the bringht side of everything. Don't want to  get all paniky and stuffs now do we. 

Hence, my current motto..

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Joan D'Arcy said...

Hi Amy! Can you update us all the SALEs that's going on in Citymall.. heheheheh!!! XOX woman!