Wednesday, March 22, 2006

close call!

March 22, 2006 ( Wednesday )
Close call!


A freaking car was following me too close from behind.

Actually there was an accident the other side of the road so everyone started to slow down and stepping on the breaks. Apparently this guy ( behind my car ) MIGHT HAVE BEEN DREAMING or thought his driving skill is TOO GOOD liao still driving fast and close behind.

The next think I heard was a loud emergence brake from behind then I feel bit of impact ( yes, a mere bump from behind ) BUT I don’t think there were any damage. So I didn’t get out from the car then I looked at the rare mirror. i saw that guy was in SHOCK mode now! Well SO WAS I! He stopped the car but I didn’t ( how come ar? Should have stop and check my car ) I continued and step on the gas pedal! Maybe I was too shock and the initial reaction was to continue my journey to work.

Safely reach my work place, but in SHOCK MODE! ( and I still didn't go check the my car at that time! *mao lit rite?* I checked it in the afternoon - nothing was damage! pheww.. )

But I’m glad that there wasn’t an accident!
Angels might have been protecting me!

Thank you “BIG GUY”!


rob-jr said...

nasib BAIK, oh yeah THANK YOU BIG GUY

ive got blogspot sudah...

maslight said...

wholly shite man. so lucky. yeah i hate it when stewped ppl dunno how to drive one.

babyphoenix said...

oh well.. at least i'm alrite.. still in one piece!