Monday, March 20, 2006

a gift!

March 19, 2006 ( Sunday )

I attended the sunset mass yesterday evening in Stella Maris Church and the priest's opening line for his sermon captured my ATTENTION.

He said that,
'Christianity is a GIFT from GOD, it's NOT a RELIGION.. You dont choose it, BUT GOD choose YOU!'

Well said, but then again some people might LIKE the gift, some might NOT!

It's like some people would imagine that HOW NICE IF I WERE BORN IN A RICH FAMILY or HOW NICE IF I'M FROM A FAMOUS FAMILY BACKGROUND or something similar to that. The fact is it's already part of you! You can't just pick your family right?

It's also like history, you can't change what has been done right?

For me, i think 'Christianity is a privilege and privilege comes with certain obligations' - that's all!

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