Monday, March 20, 2006


March 18, 2006

My free CD has finally arrived TODAY! ( after waiting for a week) yay! I won it from through sms :D Actually they ( sent it a bit late compared to last time ( yes, this is NOT my 1st FREE CD.. i got another one couple months back )

* The parcel from GDex - Have been waiting for it for a week liao ler!

* The FREE CD ( It's a double CD pack somemore! What a BONUS for me!)

* My previous FREE CD from

Thank you HITZ.FM!

Apart from the FREE CD.

EDITED: MK got me a Polo shirt from Sabah Tea Garden!
(which i thought was given by STG, guess i was WRONG!)


* The yellowish polo-shirt
( Anyone who is interested can buy it in Sabah Tea Garden, Ranau )

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