Monday, March 27, 2006

Malaysia biggest..

March 25, 2006 ( Saturday )
.. IT Concept Store ..

Yesterday Philip was telling me bout FTec's ( Kompleks Karamunsing, Kota Kinabalu ) Grand opening. Actually he wanted me to go BECAUSE he WANTED me to take his picture with the 'ah moi' there wah! ( yeah rite! ) At 1st I didn’t know what did he mean by 'ah moi' then after that he told me that Miss Malaysia ( really? ) will be there too. Then he said got some other show too! Wah seriously? At first I told him I'll be going at nite ( according to him it'll be whole day long thingy ), BUT since I've no agenda in the afternoon so I’ve decided to check out the opening in the afternoon instead.

- Afternoon -

Went to Kompleks Karamunsing around 1 something, it was bloody jam.

The car parks were literally FULL! What the heck is going on man! Very hard to get a parking space. So many people come for the opening one meh? Finally got a parking space after searching like for ages.

Got to the event hall and it was already totally packed with people. Some dance performance was going on the stage by then. I didn’t bother much and went to grab a bite at Mickey D ( havent eaten lunch yet you know! ) before checking out what’s with all the fuss.

* Giving away gift vouchers see those uncles & aunties
( with kids tagging along somemore )
very excited to get the vouchers

* fancy deco at the entrance

* welcome to the world of FTec - the future of technology!

After the quick bite, went to FTec's store. Si beh lots of people. Everyone is busy checking out the 1 DAY offer. Bumped into Gabriel ( he works with FTec, he was busy promoting stuffs to me ) and James ( wah, getting married around Oct/Nov.. :D) He told me that I've just missed Amber Chia! She was in the store just now. DON’T TELL ME THIS IS ANOTHER ONE OF HER ENDORSEMENT CAMPAIGN! -.-‘

* ask Gabriel ( the one on the right ) to pose for me! ;p

* Candid shot of James - thinking what oh?

* some of the new gadget Gabriel is promoting to me

* laptops, and more laptops!

*still no sign of Philip, where is he?* I guess he went off after enough taking photograph with all of the leng lui there! ;p

*some random guy checking out a laptop on display

* funky display cabinet

* more funky display

* at the counter - a long queue man!

Going out of the car park building was a torturing wait! Got stuck in the car for more than 20 mins.. Arghh…

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