Monday, March 27, 2006

an evening at..

March 26, 2006 ( Sunday )

Decided to go to the late mass at 5pm at St. Simon ( Likas ) today.

I noticed that the people ( those sitting around me both old and young ) ARE NOT FRIENDLY AT ALL! They all looked so GRUMPY. No smile or what-so-ever when we were exchanging the ‘sign of peace’. Don’t feel like going to church izzit? That’s why showing those grumpy faces to other people? *Sigh!

- After mass -

Was planning to go to this Vietnam restaurant ( at Gaya street ) for dinner BUT seems like they don’t open on Sunday. Haiyoo! Don’t want business izzit? So at the end went to Upperstar.

Upperstar is at Jln Datuk Salleh Sulong (just opposite the foot of the Hyatt Hotel driveway).

* downstairs bar counter

* some pictures hanging on the wall ( on the way up to upstairs )

*part of the staircase

* one of cozy corner - good place for hanging out with friends

* the sunset view from Upperstar
( can see the sea some more! )

*Hyatt hotel is just across the street

* the menu - choose, choose which one you want?

* food that were ordered

* that's me trying to finish up the food!

my verdict: come and enjoy the cozy warm feeling to dine or just to hang out at this place! come once sure wanna come AGAIN!

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