Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dear God

April 05, 2006 ( Wednesday )
Dear God

When I was little remembered that I wrote my Christmas 'wish list' to Santa coz I wanted Santa to know what pressie that I would like to have for Christmas. I know it's totally naive, come on I was a kid ( kids always have an overly imaginative thinking ). Every Christmas I'll get Christmas pressie from Santa ( that's what mom told me, and I BELIEVED HER! Then as i grew older my brother spoil the Santa belief by telling me it was mom who bought the pressie under the Christmas tree! spoiler! Argh..)

Anyways, my point is kids really do & say the darnest thing! Can you imagine what will kid write to God if they were given the chance? Here are some letters written by children.

The "way-to-ask-for-imortality-from-God"

Asking permission to kiss in public

Telling God that you're been thinking of HiM too


God's greatest invention

The "Asking-God-to-love-my-family"

The "I- didnt-get-what-I-was-praying-for"

What race / country is God from?

Asking God to check-out my new shoes in church

Ask God to come up with a holiday

Say, what would you write to God if you were given the chance?

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