Friday, April 07, 2006

So what I'm not like you?

April 06, 2006 (Thursday)
So what I'm not like you?

Dance like nobody's watching;
love like you've never been hurt.
Sing like nobody's listening;
live like it's heaven on earth.

- Mark Twain

Sometimes I think people bother too much what other people will think of them. How they look, what they wear, how they react to certain things. Can’t we just be who we are without being judge 24-7?

Is it a sin to be different?

Is it a must to blend into the crowd?

Is it others who make the call for us?

We should be what we are, NOT what you think others want us to be. Sometimes I pity kids these days. They got pressured by their parents to be good, to be the TOP in everything especially academically. Have you ever heard your parents compare you with others ( e.g.: your friends ). “How come Cassey can get better result than you?”, or “Why your mark is so low?” Sometimes, kids get frustrated with this kinda statement. I will if I heard it. Different people have different ability. Can’t they just accept it?

As for adult, the typical situation will be something like this, “eh, how come you still driving the same old junk (refer to car) get a new one la?” or “Why NOT getting married yet? See your friend already got kids already, got 2 kids some more. What are you waiting for?”

For goodness sake, it’s NOT their life. Stop pressuring others.

Instead of pressuring, I think motivating is much better. Positive people are hard to come by this day. These days you can meet lots of selfish people, everything is bout ME, ME, ME! I want to be better than you, so KIASU!

I really think that we should all be more tolerant with each other. Support others when they need it. You can make lots of friends BUT REAL friends that will be there for you are hard to get.

Anyways, back to the “I’m different from you” topic. I think everyone of us are unique, we’re born different. So what I’m NOT Miss Universe? or doesn't earn as much as my neighbors? It’s okay to look or feel differently. It’s YOU who make the different! You should be happy and be relax on your own skin. No need to pretend to be someone you are NOT. You can pretend for a certain period, BUT NOT your whole life!


maslight said...

I love that quote. Anyways, u sound pissed. I experienced the same "comparison" dilemma before. Get so frustrated sometimes. Sometimes I think parents didn't get to do it they want us, their children to do it for them (if you notice like in some movies?). And sometimes others are jealous of us till they just wanna trigger our anger. Which I think is stewped. Get satisfaction out of pissing people. I think they dun haf a life bah tu. That's y hahahahhaa. Anyways, u go girl! Tell them who u are! You're you and you're unique. Who cares about them losers! :D

babyphoenix said...

u knw wat mas! actually i wasnt feeling pissed or anything. Just that the quote made me feel like writing something. Saja wanna share my point of view. Thanks for the feedback mas!