Monday, April 03, 2006


April 2, 2006 ( Sunday )

- Morning -

Woke up bloody early (around 5 something in the morning, for Pete’s sake, it’s still dark out there!), need to go to ‘pai-san’ with my parents ( visit the ‘death’, at the cemetery of course ) for ‘Ching-Ming’ ( something like All Souls Day for the Chinese )

The weather was bit gloomy in the morning and (yes, my prediction was right!) it started to rain while we were on our way to Papar’s Christian’s Cemetery. When we got there it’s raining cats and dogs. I almost flipped when my mom to me to stay in the CAR! OMG! What the heck? My parents ask me to come along and yet when we finally reached and I’m NOT asked to come down from the car? If like that better I don’t go lar rite? *fainted! Ah well, good also la, since it’s raining rite? Maybe mom doesn’t want me to get wet! *think positively!

After that we went to get our morning breakie, haven’t take proper breakfast yet you know! After our had our breakie we did some window shopping at Wisma Merdeka.

After our shopping went to the library for a while (my dad’s suggestion: He likes to READ!) I can BET MOST OF you guys out there DON’T EVEN OWN A Library card, right? Coz I don’t too! BUT eventually my dad does; I saw book on digital photography ( my fav. subject ) and I actually USED my dad’s card to borrow the book. Looks like I’m the 1st one who borrowed the book coz I ONLY SAW1 stamp on the book. Nobody likes digital photography izzit?

- Afternoon -

When back home pass noon, death tired. Flipped on the telly, checking out what on? It ended up the telly was watching me rather I’m watching telly coz I fell asleep with the telly on. ;p Around 2 something in the afternoon got a call from Eddy, he woke me up from my dream ( seriously I was dreaming bout eating ice cream, or rather buying an ice cream to eat. Mengidam wanna eat ice cream ka this me..? ) asking me out for lunch with other friends.

We meet up with Ah Lik, Yvonne & Ah Wai. After the 'makan', I suggested that we go photohunting. More like me wanna take pics la that time, the rest just join in my crazy idea. Eddy & me went to Yoyo Café to take away some Milk Tea. Oh yeah, Ah Wai didn’t tag along, he wanted to get his car wash. Ah well, too bad then!

1st stop – Stadium Likas
( Don’t ask me why I pick that place, it just pops into my mind )

*Me trying acting silly there! konon-konon wanna climb la that!* (Outside of the stadium)

*Posing with my Milk Tea (see hand) at the SUPER EMPTY stadium*

When I was busy photographing, Emilina smsed me:

Emilina : Yo, Amy, do u want 2 go yam cha? We r going to YoYo Lintas *aik? YoYo ?*

Me: I was just in YoYo lintas just now. I’m at stadium Likas now.

Emilina: ok. Nevermind la. Next time la *aiks? sound like not syoik liao her, I didn’t know she’s in town liao.. just came back la this so I replied her*

Me: Ur in kk liao la this. U’ll be here till when? We can arrange meet up lagi someday.

Emilina: I just came back yesterday *see I told you* next time la we meet up

Oh well bad timing!

I was taking the stadium’s pic! Wanted to take with people in it BUT looks like it’s empty! Where is everyone?

* shots taken by me*

* shots taken by me*

* shots taken by me*

2nd stop – Signal Hill Observatory A.K.A ‘chao-Meng-San’

* Everyone this is Kota Kinabalu - can see or not? *


Signal Hill Observatory, with its natural surroundings, is one of the best places to view the city's skyline that extends to the islands.

* Group picture: Me, Eddy, Ah Lik & Yvonne *

3rd stop – Somewhere near Gaya Street
( I dunno what’s the name of this particular place)

After the 3rd stop everyone is death tired liao, exclude ME!. I have no idea why are they tired? I don’t even feel tired that time! Maybe lazy kena take pictures by me ler! Bler!

So, they suggested to go YoYo Café in Lintas ( AGAIN? Maybe I should change the post name to “hanging out at YoYo Café” )

Well, I was hoping Emilina and the gang are still around BUT too bad, seems like they left liao. No fate lar us! I ate some garlic cheese sandwich yummy cheese! I love them!

Went back home after our last gathering in YoYo Café.

It started to rain again! Haiyoo!


Anonymous said...

its called "Lintasan Deasoka" dear...
Used 2 be known as "Pocket Garden" u know! ~aHbEnG~

babyphoenix said...

i have NO idea what's that plc called ;p

maslight said...

*rofl so funny that 1st photo.