Sunday, April 02, 2006

April's Frog Day

April 1, 2006 ( Saturday )
April Frog Day!

Welcome to the month or April!

I thought this year of the month I’ll be prank-less (for April Fool’s day). Guess I was WRONG!

Some bugger put a FROG ( yes, a frog! ) on my car’s bonnet! At 1st I didn’t notice it WAS a frog and USED my finger to get rid of the leaf, I mean the frog *agh! ( I really thought it was a leaf lar ) Then I felt my finger was a bit sticky and wet. I took a closer look and IT WAS A FROG! Geez, I’ve just TOUCHED a froggy! Eww, yuck!

Happy April Frog’s (Fool’s) Day to all you rascals out there!

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