Thursday, April 27, 2006

Post Lent Entry

This is another late entry ( Yes, I know. I've not been blogging much lately. So, sue me! )

I remembered in my previous Prawn vs. Monkey entry, I told you guys that I’m gonna post up something for Good Friday right? So this is it BUT I’m gonna start from Palm Sunday though.

Palm Sunday

For those non-Christians out there, fyi, “Palm Sunday” is celebrated before Good Friday and it’s a week before Easter Day. According to Wiki, Palm Sunday - is a moveable feast in the church calendar observed by Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Christians. It is the Sunday before Easter.

I went to Church of Mary Immaculate (CMI) English mass. Was kinda late that day, and the church was PACKED! Then I saw Bishop John Lee was serving mass! This means the mass will be EXTRA long. Don’t ask why, if bishop is serving it’s always like that. To make the mass EXTRA long, he requested that the gospel to be read full version ( I mean, there was a shorter version BUT he INSISTED the LONGER one. Sigh! ) The readers were confused and they ended up reading the whole chapterWHOLE means: readings NOT only for Palm Sunday but also the readings till Good Friday! Walao wey, if like that does it means that it’s okay for me NOT to go to mass on Good Friday since I’ve already heard the whole reading for it liao? -.-'

*inside of CMI - lots of palms deco for Palm Sunday


Good Friday

It’s a public holiday today (yay!) BUT it’s not holiday for FUN, it's a time for us Christian to go to attend Good Friday mass. It’s the day where the BIG GUY ( where as JW put it – “HIS BOSS” ) got crucified on the cross and fasting is a MUST!

Mass ( For St. Simon, yes I know, I’m church hopping, Soo? ) starts at 3pm, so me and Eddy decided to go earlier ( around 1pm ) to get better seat in the church – hopeful wish! When we got there, my gosh… it’s already PACKED! I mean there’s NOT a single seat in the church anymore. Walao wey, it’s NOT even 1:30pm! I wonder what time did those people reach. Feeling bit disappointed since we made an effort to come early BUT still HAVE TO SIT OUTSIDE OF THE CHURH! Sigh!

*No choice BUT have to sit OUTSIDE of the church! Argh..

I thought it’s gonna be a HOT afternoon but it RAINED quite a bit that afternoon.

*Poor thing, need to use umbrella some more

These are other photographs that I managed to snap on that day.





*During the gospel reading, so long hor!

*so congested with people and cars

*Queuing up to kiss the cross, CAN'T even see the cross from here!

* Still queuing up - long way to go baby

*Ah finally, almost there! Patient now..

*The father ( that was serving mass on that day )
I have NO idea what's his name!

*a glimpse inside of the church

*Hey, that's Celine and hubby! Saw them too!
Looks like they also sit outside of the church ;p


Easter Day

Ah yes, this is a marking of the end of the Lent season. :D
Went to CMI for the English mass, BUT I DIDN’T KNOW IT’LL BE THIS PACK!
Imagine have to park the car super duper far. I think need to walk for 3-5 minutes from the church! Siao hor! Yes, need to stand OUTSIDE of the church AGAIN!

*Heaps of cars parked way far from the church

Here are some of the pics I took inside of the church.





*alot of people rite?

*I was trying to take the choir's picture, then suddenly..

*this guys was giving me the pandang slack ( like JW put it ).
Gosh! I'm NOT taking your picture la brother! Relax!

*this is the BEST pic i can take for the choir liao

Oh yeah, there was a bazaar going on in conjunction of Easter Day in CMI.

*The way to the bazaar!

*lots of people buying food

*food all the way

Guess who I saw helping out?





It's ALEX!


Well, you just got SNAPPED!

Maybe this might be a bit late but anyways,





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