Thursday, April 27, 2006

Going backpackers!

The other day I went to Borneo Backpackers for dinner, yes, they have some sort of a cafe AKA Borneo 1945 Musem Kopitiam there. I’ve been there a couple of times actually BUT since that I haven’t blog anything about it yet. So just to share with you all out there while promoting Sabah Backpackers for those who are NOT familiar with this place.


Centrally located in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, Borneo Backpackers has already attracted the attention of discerning travellers from around the world.

Rooms available include airconditioned or fan Large Dormitory (10 Beds), Medium Dormitory (4 - 6 Beds) and Private Rooms. Each room has small storage compartment for personal items and has a fan or is air-conditioned. Rates from US$7 per person per night.

The ground floor of Borneo Backpackers has been converted into a local style post war coffee shop completed with antique furniture and traditional local foods, named "Borneo 1945 Museum Kopitiam".

On the walls inside and outside are displayed wartime photographs of Australians and British soldiers, local unsung heroes as well as replicas of war memorial plaques in Sabah.

Outside the building are also displayed on its wall two plaques put up by Sabah Tourism Board and the Australian Embassy in 1995 of the significance of this historical building.


If you wanna know more about this place go visit their site:

*Borneo backpacker building - taken from the opposite road

* The Museum Kopitiam on the ground floor.
I know, the pic is a BIT dark. It's done on purposed ;p

*Another angle of the Kopitiam.

Bright enough liao gua?

*Behind of scene - the "charcoal bread" counter

Never heard of charcoal bread?

* Take a closer look on the mysterious "charcoal bread"

Aha! it NOT your typical looking bread. Wonder how do they serve it?

No worries, I got that covered..






Ladies and gentlemen, introducing charcoal with peanutbutter

Actually it's tasted like the normal bread. Guess the only special thing is the shape.

*This is.. erm..

Seriously, I've forgotten what was it in the sacks.. opps!

*The beef stew rice that I was having - totally yummilious!

After makan, I continue to take somemore pictures of that place.
Wanted to checkout the accommodation they had.

The accommodations were upstairs, you can't go upstairs from the Kopitiam.
So I went from the other way, from outside..

* Classic looking building

Can see Borneo Backpacker's sign board? Cannot ar?

*Okay there you go, clearer look!

Hey what's that paper on the door?





* Walao wey, fully BOOKED!

Seems like good business woh!

Alrite lets go in..

See how it looks like shall we?





Eh, what's this?

Bummer, so high tech one.. cannot go it lar! Need security numbers!
They also got a CCTV on top of the door!

Looks like it's OFF LIMITS for me! Boohuu..!

Oh well, Lest we Forget!




- Borneo 1945 Museum Kopitiam

p/s: If you are interested in donating photos, information, artifacts etc about Sabah or anything to do with the past of Sabah you can email

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