Sunday, April 16, 2006

Prawn vs. Monkey

April 14, 2006 ( Friday )
Prawn vs. Monkey

It was Good FridayHappy Good Friday all! I’m gonna blog bout Good Friday in another post. As for now, I’m gonna blog bout food. I know I’m supposed to fast on Good Friday, BUT it was after the mass and I’m death hungry! Fast the whole day liao what!

So me and Eddy went to this place in Foh Sang to eat Prawn Noodle ( Cannot eat meat on Friday – BUT seafood can eat la! ) Since I haven’t tried the Prawn Noodle there yet I gave it a try. This will gimme the pleasure to rate the food and the diner there :D

Kedai Kopi Emas Helang
( Translate to English: Golden Eagle Coffee Shop )

Foooooooood , glourious fooooood! ( Suddenly I remembered this song from Ice Age 2, the vultures were singing this song! Hey, aint this song was in Oliver Twist too! )

Their main specialty was prawn. Prawn Noodle, Fried Noodle with Prawn and the other one I don’t remember already.

This is what I've ordered -
Fried Noodle with Prawn

This is what Eddy ordered -
Prawn Noodle

A sea of fried rolls

More fried food!

My Verdict:

Placeit’s clean, air-conditioned.. err, what else har?

FoodNot enough variety, strictly for those who likes to eat prawn, and more prawns!

Price Fair

RecommendationONLY for those who like prawn and prawn noodle!


Since we ONLY ate noodle, I’m still HUNGRY! So we decided to go to Brass Monkey ( in Lintas ) for dessert.

Welcome to the Land of the Monkeys!
Where everyone should act like monkey, eat like monkey and talk like monkey..
Err, gu gu ga ga ga ga ga!?

Nah, Brass Monkey has no REAL monkey in it ( just in case you were wondering la! ) BUT they do have ALOT of monkey pictures ( all drew & coloured by hand ) on the wall! See Exibit A.

Exibit A
A picture taken from the wall ( mind you this wall is BIG! )

I was snapping pictures in that place and one of the guy waiter THOUGHT I was writing a review for a magazine! I find it amusing, do I look like a writer? He even asked me to write GOOD STUFFS to promote Brass Monkey! LoL!

Shot from outside

Shot from inside

Another shot from another angle
(Ok enough of pics of the shots of the place liao, later you guys get bored)

A shot taken at the counter

Chef's Special for the day

Brass Monkey's Special
Drink up peepz!

Main Menu ( Top )

Main Menu ( Bottom )

This is what we are here for in the 1st place..

Swinging to the rhythm of the jungle!
translate: sinful chocolate moist cake almonds & a scoop of ice cream

Home made deep fried ice cream!

My Verdict:

Place it has a warm and cozy feeling to it; nice interior design and nice drawings ( all are MONKEYS – go figure! ) on the walls.

Food The food is pretty nice. Actually I been here before but I never blog bout it before!

PriceAffordable ( Depends on that do you order )

RecommendationGreat place for chilling out with friends or having dinner; they play nice jazzy songs; very relax environment.

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