Sunday, April 16, 2006


.. for being one of the 200 lucky ones!

Last Tuesday, my dad got a phone call from a lady bout wining a voucher for 2 days 1 night stay at Tioman Island ( for 4 pax ) complimentary from Berjaya Vacation Club. So nice hor? He was among the 200 people who won the package. *I’m still wondering how Berjaya Vacation Club got hold of my dad’s name. Hmm?

The lady then told my dad that he can collect the voucher at Berjaya Palace Hotel that afternoon and she also invited my dad ( and also my mom together with ME – it was a public holiday on Tuesday ) to come for a briefing on Berjaya Vacation Club has to offer. *Sounds like a marketing gimmick to me. She also said that they provide buffet for those who attend. *Wah, buffet some more!

So around noon we ( dad, mom & me ) went to Berjaya Palace Hotel for the so-called briefing. Before attending the briefing, I decided to check out the hotel itself. Since I have NEVER been to this hotel before ( Yes, NEVER! So? Got a problem? Okay back to the checking out the hotel..)

Here are some photos taken from the inside of Berjaya Palace and the facilities they provide.

Information Counter A.K.A Reception Area

Lobby A.K.A waiting area

Oasis cafe @ the entrance
The in-house restaurant

Oasis cafe
from the inside

Laser Karaoke pub
Looks bit death during the day

Lift Lobby @ the basement

Mirror mirror on the wall
a wall of mirror

Reflection of the pool on the
building beside the pool

Chilling at the pool side, ahh..!

Cold and empty

The Steam / Sauna room signboard

I was still snooping around when my dad called me up, as the briefing will be starting any minute.

This is Ami, the bubbly vacation planner for Berjaya Vacation Club, who gave us personal briefing on Berjaya Vacation Club.

NO, this wasn’t the same lady who made the phone call to my dad.

Some of the company related to Berjaya Group according to Ami.

At 1st I wasn’t paying attention to her, I was checking out the room ( a mini conference room that can fits around 50 pax )

The backdrop

This is the so-called buffet they were serving, merely 2 kinds of ‘kuih’, fried ‘kui-tiao’, tea, coffee and water. Ah, we got PUNK’D by the term BUFFET! This was TOTALLY NOT what I had in mind actually. Argh..

The 'local Malay kuih' - which I didnt try any of it.

The beverage area - coffee, tea or water?

I just realised that I left out some pics, sadly the pics are NOT with me right now. Argh.. will update more pics later ( WHEN I got hold of it )

Oh btw, my dad gave the voucher to me, since my parents had plan to go SOMEWHERE else already, hehehe... Now I'm still thinking am I gonna use it or not :p

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