Saturday, April 15, 2006

Samson’s ( belated ) birthday!

Since 1986

This is a super duper late entry! Actually I DID blog about his bday in my friendster’s blog but WITHOUT putting up any pictures coz the pictures wasn’t with me that time. So yesterday, I FINALLY got the pictures! Have to wait so darn long! Anyways, this entry is for Samson! He has been pestering me bout the pictures since after he’s bday!

So for this time around, I’m only gonna upload pictures, NOT much writings!

I *heart* the food!

Got spaghetti, lasagna ( made by Samson himself, walao way! ), butter fried chicken, fruit salad, jelly etc.. *starting to drool liao me!

The cake bought by Rose.

Samson deliberately FORCED Rose to get him the cake!
Wah, so thick face one! ( ordered from strawberry cake house )

Cake cutting session

Samson is doing the cutie look! KAWAII NEH! LoL!

Samson and Wenna ( his gf )

Wenna, which coincidently have the SAME SURNAME as me!!

Long lost sister har?

If you havent notice it, Wenna is NOT chinese! ;-)

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