Saturday, April 15, 2006

Weekend at Melingsung

Last week Kim Wai ( Eddy’s classmate – ex-intian ) came over to Kota Kinabalu (KK) for a some roadshow thingy. Was is a roadshow or some other educational trip stuffs? I dunno, but he’s working with British Council in KL. They have some events going on in some schools in KK.

Eddy has been bring Kim Wai to most part of the place in town ( Lintas, Damai, Foh Sang, Penampang.. places where people ‘lepak’ one la! ) and out of town ( Kinabalu Park, Kundasang, Ranau, Poring.. ) Actually Eddy wanted to bring Kim Wai to one of the Tunku Abdul Rahman’s park – those islands ( Manukan island, Sapi island or Mamutik island ) BUT instead of going to those islands. He decided to bring him to Melingsung. Yes, same also what rite? Melingsun got white sandy beach also what and Eddy asked me to tag along. I was SUPPOSED to join them previously to Kinabalu Park and Poring BUT I was working. So on Sunday after mass I decided to join them. Since I know Kim Wai from college too!

Candid pic of Kim Wai

He was zz when i took this pic, just reach Summer Bay, Melingsung.

Eddy has an apartment in Summer Bay, so we were SUPPOSED relax a bit before going to the beach and this guy was sleeping away liao.. Imagine 10 minutes of relax can zz liao!

Kim Wai and the balls!

Er, i mean the fruit plant ( I have a feeling this fruit is NOT for eating ) that look like a ball! ;p
He hurted one of his finger while wanted to remove the leafs from the fruit. Ouch!

After waiting the guys finished swiming. Oh yeah, I didn't swim. I CANT SWIM ( yes, my secret is out now ) How sad huh! Can't swim at the beach! Sigh!

Around 4.30pm they got tired swiming ( tired you know swiming! ) and we left Melingsung to Papar town to check out the local 'Tamu'. Eddy let Kim Wai DROVE! I think Eddy tired being the driver liao.. Been driving alot I guess. I found out that Kim Wai was an agressive driver *gulps* The way he drove was different. I think it's because he drives a turbo car back in KL, so i guessed that influenced the way he drives (?) Anyways, when we reached Papar town, there wasn't any 'Tamu' on sight! Ahh.. too bad! Maybe it's bit late liao by then. So we head back to KK. Made a stop at the Lokawi Bay, pretty evening sight - MUST TAKE PICS!

Kim Wai - all smiley face! He loved it there!

We went to this petrol station at putatan ( I think! ) and there's these kids were doing some break dance man. I shot some pics. They were gladly to show off their skills, I wanted to go down the car BUT it was getting late!

Picture taken from the car when we passed by the kids

We are actually going to Wawasan Plaza ( 2nd floor got selling lots of handicraft ) coz Kim Wai wanted to buy some local goods /souvenir back to KL. After that the guys were playing INITIAL - D car racing game at the arcade in Wawasan Plaza. I donno why guys like to play that game?! Aren't they tired of driving whole day liao? Any guys can provide answers?

At nite we went to Diamond ( at Foh Sang, Luyang ) for dinner. This time Ah Hoh ( Eddy's colleague ) join us for dinner. Imagine we ( me la, they took a power shower this afternoon and ah Hoh surely did bath before coming for the dinner ) havent bath yet that time direct go dinner! I HOPE I didn't STINK!

After the dinner we went back home! So TIRED liao oh!

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