Thursday, May 25, 2006

it's over

My birthday was finally over! Many thanks to those who remembered and those who finally remembered :D ( haha... you know who you are! ) It felt good when people greet and make wishes to you. You feel loved and appreciated. It's such a warm feeling you know?

Here are the TOP 3 unforgettable birthday wishes:

#1 - The multiple wishes via SMS ( Suren, Singapore )

1st SMS : Today!

2nd SMS : Today 2x years ago..

3rd SMS : U were born…

4th SMS : its ure burfday so have a smashing 1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY

He send 4 smses just to wish me happy birthday! :D

#2 - The Funky e-card received ( Delon, KK )

#3 - The Belated birthday wish via MSN ( Aussie, Kien )

Actually there is another one, the CONFUSE birthday wish BUT I accidentally DELETED >.<

May 20, 2006 ( Saturday )

This year I celebrated my bday at HOME which is different from previous years where I celebrate it somewhere else. My parents threw me a BBQ bday. Here are some pics taken on that day!

my brother was BBQ-ing ( sorry for the blur image! )

Candid shoot of me from the back, I was looking at err.. something.

*Ai Xing Dan Gau*

Homemade cheese cake !!! I *heart* cheese!
Made by the Emilina & Fiona. Totally didn’t expect it! Thanks gurls!

Next time make me chocolate cookies ;p *shameless request*

that's me in action
- don't be suprise, I got my hair cut liao! ;p

May 21, 2006 ( Sunday )

Eddy brought me to Oya ( おや) for lunch. Spend me makan for my ( belated ) bday wah! Another surprise, I didn't expected it. Oya is a so-called Japanese buffet restaurant ( yeah rite! ) BUT I have doubt on that Japanese buffet part. It is a buffet BUT not entirely JAPANESE food.. they got other food as well, like chinese dishes & also western food! My gosh.. It's NOT really what i expected..

At the entrance of Oya Restaurant
- notice the BIG AS* signboard & banner

These are Japanese food
limited choices *thumbs down*

yummy rite?


This is the guy who made the sushi
- pretending NOT to see the camera!

These are NOT Japanese Food
I didn't take much photos of the food

Guess what is this?

Something else; Looks like raw vege!
Salad anyone?

We arrived there around 1.30pm and left around 2.30pm ( we kinda asked to leave, WTH?! ) actually the restaurant closes at 2pm ( which we didn't know la ) BUT how come they still let us in if they are gonna close up soon? weird huh? Certainly got a bad review from me! Gah!


a2blog said...

Hey there. Happy belated birthday! Or Happy Birthday.. If still in time.

I like the pic of your back.. Well, I like the sunset... =P hehe..

Seriously, I think you're pretty good in photography and design. Are you in design field?

I think I know your age.

babyphoenix said...

thanks for the bday wish although it's belated :)

oh btw, i'm NOT in design field & thanks for the compliments, u made my day! :D say, r u in design field?

lemme guess the candles on the bday cake gave u the BIGGEST clue! I SHOULD HAVE edited the

a2blog said...

lol.. if you think that i'm in design field.. that you made my day as well! :P

Nah.. I'm not. Nowhere near that.

Hehe.. Yeah.. That's my best clue. I'm just observant.. =P I'm somewhere near your age too.. Turning older soon. lol..

babyphoenix said...

say, when is ur bday?

a2blog said...

hmm.. next month? June?

about 20 days from today (27/05/2006)...

Hmm.. It's 16th June loh.. 6-16.. Which day was yours? 25? 24? 23? I didn't get to observe.. sorry.. =P

babyphoenix said...

lol... I tot ur the *ahem* observent one? ;p

My bday is on May 20th.

a2blog said...

hehe.. sorry la.. sometimes.. i may just missed out on things ma..

right.. noted down in my organizer.. may 20th.. a year more to go till the next one comes..

didn't have enough sleep.. going to motor show later.. >.<" gonna feel like zombie..

maslight said...

ooooooooooo that's so it looks like inside. hmmm it's like opposite my office but didn't bother to go there yet hahahahha

babyphoenix said...

allen: wow! motor show! Must take more pics ;p

mas: opposite saja ka dat building? hmm.. then ur office is near the padang merdeka?

a2blog said...

went to the show. and it wasn't enough.. i only had 32MB and 16MB with the old olympus.. >.<"

gonna visit again this coming weekend. i'm going to their appreciation party.. :P friday nite.. 9 june.. haha..

will post the photos much later. havn't edit them yet. >.<"

babyphoenix said...

allen: i bet u took heaps of pics ;) look forward to see it :D

a2blog said...

i wouldn't say that it's a lot.. but i have quite some. I am still not satisfied though. lol.. want more of it. editing the photos now..

a2blog said...

i feel old this month..

Anonymous said...

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