Friday, June 02, 2006

Let's bowl!

May 27, 2006 ( Saturday )
Let’s bowl!

It’s been ages; I mean aaaaaages since the last time I go bowling with my friends. Last Saturday, there was an inter-bowling competition between different companies. Eddy was the organiser and I jokingly said I wanted to join ( the keyword here is: Jokingly ) and he actually let me JOIN *gasp*. He said that there weren’t enough ladies bowlers anyways. Well, what the heck.. I just join in the name of ‘FUN’, besides I don’t need to pay for it also what.

The players were supposed to gather at the bowling center at 6pm BUT most of them came later than 6pm. WTH! Might as well tell them to come at 5pm so that they will arrive at 6pm or before 6pm right? Gah!

While waiting for the rest of the bowlers I decided to check out the place. I mean it’s been quite sometime I haven’t step into the bowling center. One thing stays the same. It still looks the same.

Feeling hungry?

Get some snacks at the food counter.

Eh look, got aquarium leh!

Then I saw lockers

LOTS of them..

Just leave ur smelly shoes and bowling ball here please

Okay la, at least they did add something new ( not much ). For example the K-BOX and also the Dart Center A.K.A Bar A.K.A Smoker's place ( which has a K-BOX room in it, what’s with the fuss with K-BOXes nowadays? )

Some shots taken at the Dart center

Welcome to KK Dart Centre AKA K Box

wanna play darts?

cold and empty

Maybe it's too early for "moginum"

The rates for playing darts

Anyways, this is my version of
3 steps to do before joining a bowling competition:

No. 1 Use the right pair shoes – no bowling shoes, no game!

at the bowling counter to borrow a pair of bowling shoes
( since I don’t own a bowling shoes )

my super ugly bowling shoes.
The designer of this shoe should be force to peel ONIONS for 10 days straight.

No. 2 Equip yourself with the right ball!
Guys stop scratching at your balls. ;p

pick your ball!

No.3 Recruit your man.. er.. or woman

After the 3 simple steps you are ready to bowl!

That’s me in action.

Guess what?




I got 1st place! Woohoo!




yeah rite!

from the BUTTOM lar!

So I admit, bowling is not my strongest field.

Check out my scores.

TOTAL = 163.

Lousy huh? Well at least I'm NOT a sour loser!

Lets compare to those who knows how to bowl.

905 man! Beat that!

For me to reach the Bowling Goddess title, I would need to practice every single day without missing a beat. MAIN BOWLING. MAKAN BOWLING. MIMPI BOWLING. MABUK BOWLING! - and that will be my motto!

There’s 3 things that I’ve learn from the bowling competition:

#1 Bowling too much will give you arm and wrist pain - can't even snap my fingers without feeling the pain.

#2 Since I haven’t been playing bowling for ages my bowling skills are bad, REALLY BAD. EXRREMELY BAD..

#3 Becoz of point #2 that makes me SUCK at bowling BIG TIME

Eventually the bowling center manager ( at least I think he is ) took pity on my bowling skill and determine that I can improve my bowling skills by giving me a special prize.

guess which one is mine?


It’s a simple Complimentary voucher.

For me to practice more lor. Since I SUCK at bowling sooo much. ;p

I feel so motivated now! ;p

P/S: I wanted to upload a clip BUT nah.. I decided NOT too.. Bler!


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Singing Britney Spear's song, "Hit me baby one more time.."

Dear Careless Drivers: PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ME!

Earlier this afternoon when I was driving back home. My car GOT HIT AGAIN! This time is a silly *PAKA* BLUE ISWARA, the guy whom I GUESS WAS DAY DREAMING! It’s like devaju of the last minor accident I had 2-3 months back. Like last time, I was lucky AGAIN ( counting my blessings ) unhurt and my car was unscratched. Phew! The impact from the other car was stronger than last time though. AGAIN it was from the back.


maslight said...

*rofl. hahahahaha i can't bowl!!! hehehe ooooo my mum loves to bowl. oooooooo y some of the photo a bit blurry hmm

babyphoenix said...

aiseh, perasan juga some ko of the pics are blurry.. well, some due to poor lightings, some due to shaky hand ( use slow shutter - hand must steady else it will look blur or else use tripod confirm will NOT be blur )

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