Saturday, May 13, 2006


May 13, 2006 ( Saturday )
langging BIG time..

I know that I havent been updating 'regularly'.. Yes, I've noticed it thank-you-very-much..
I took lots of pics over last few weeks and couldnt wait to share it with you all.. I've managed to edit MOST of the pics too ( ahhh yes finally! ) BUTTTTTT... i left my pen-drive at HOME!

SOO... have to wait for next week.. here are some of the highlights of the previous weeks ( OMG! sounds like ages! )

Currently something wrong with the modem at HOME!
Can't get online at home.. Arghh~ bummer! *sob*

Go Kelly!
Went to Borneo Kellybay for the weekend. Had tons of FUN!

May babies!
The bday month for - Jen, Ivy, ah Kit, Jen's bf, Eddy's dad, Eddy's grandpapa.. and also NOT forgetting.. it's MY BIRTHDAY TOO! Teeheehee... *hint*

Sabah Fest
Another reason to celebrate! Went to the Sabah Fest launching last Friday at Megellan..
More more pics to share!

er... what else har? i can't recall liao..

Oh yeah, before I forget




Wanna wish my mom


Thanks for being a SUPER MOM!

*with mom

I know I'm a handful to take care of!

At times I'm a *bit* SPOIL BRAT
*Look, I admited it*

Don't really help much BUT I'm changing!

Now onwards I'll be MORE

1. tactFUL

2. helpFUL

3. playFUL
( err.. I don't think this sound right? )

4. grateFUL

5. thankFUL

and other words ending with FUL! *grin*

BUT one thing I will always be..





*I know there's NO such word as BESTEST, so?

Thanks for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

*Last year's mother's day cake

Edited: Oh yeah, not forgetting my grandmama too!

She's a mother,

grandmama &

great grandmama!

Presenting grandmama Josephine!





*the old and the young

Happy mother's day grandmama!

Oh and not forgetting the other supermom's out there, happy mother's day to you too!

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maslight said...

wuah the cake looking yummie. :D