Monday, May 15, 2006

May Babies

3 birthdays celebrated so far..

Feast Yourself with Birthday pics!






Eddy’s grandpapa

The bday was celebrated in SUPERTANKER.

Havent been there for sometime.

People who came were mostly family or family’s friends.

Here are some pics I manage to snap.

*That is his Lordship Bishop John Lee

*Mother Cecelia Liew was invited too!

*Just before the cake cutting ceremony. They were singing birthday song.

*The evil I mean NAUGHTY cousins of Eddy.
Left: Avrill Right: Kei-Kei

*After the celebration.

Nothing left but dirty dishes that need to be wash.


Yvonne’s bday

Actually I didn’t know it was HER birthday on the 8th May.
I was invited me to her pre-bday mini celebration at YoYo Café.

*Part of the crowd that came for the bday celebration.

*The bday gal – she’s turning 24 this year.

Short talk
Me: how old are you turning?
Yvonne: 24
Me: wah? Izzit? You don’t like 24 la..
Yvonne: really? That means I took great care of myself lor! hehehe..
Me: yeah, you did a great job on that!
Yvonne: *smiles*

*The yummilious cake! – drooling liao!

*Yvonne and her lou-gong-zai ( Ah Lik )

* DoDo was helping her to divide (cut) the cake

* my share of the cake!


Jen’s Bday

Since it was Jen bday, zac-ky wacky decided that we give her a treat at Atlantis, Damai.

*The menu

*Food that we ordered

*With bday girl - another fellow "taurusian"

*Group pic! Girls vs. Boys

That's all for now!

More updates coming up soon..


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