Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Modeling or B*tching?

Another late entry.. DON'T ASK!

There was a photography competition organised by BED last 2 weeks ago. I didn't know bout this till Samsom told me about it. Actually BED was organising a Modelling competition the photography competition is just some publicity for the event. Psstt.. Samson's gf was joing the modeling competition actually.. that's why he got to know bout the photography competition and told to me about it. Gah!

Basically the photography competition ( session ) was to shoot the models at Tg. Aru beach. Initially I WANTED to join the competition ( I mean the photography competition NOT the modelling har okay.. ) BUT when I got there I decided NOT too.. ( for some reasons la ) Well eventhough I didn't JOIN the competition BUT I TOOK some pics on that day..

Here are some pics to share to all ;)

*shameless promo*

*The crowd that came on that day
I think those are the model's friends AKA supporters

I realised that most of them were CHINESE! O.o

The next thing I noticed was..





Some people were

Then some were

*guy in yellow shirt: left a bit.. okay okay.. gimme a smile.. yes baby that's it!

Some were

*Posing 'maut' by contestant #10

There were those occasional

Then they were those


nothing can beat this





there were those

I went back earlier coz the sky was gloomy and was drizzling that evening. Guess it's gonna rain heavily pretty soon ( and it did! ). Don't wanna get caught in the rain now.


maslight said...

hey amy those shots are great. hahahah posing maut abis!!!

Anonymous said...

haha.. shall post more pic of the model mah... :p