Saturday, April 29, 2006

Tag of the DAY: What's inside my wallet!?

The story is like this...

This tag idea begun when I was surfing some random DA (DeviantArt) site and I saw they were doing it. It looked kinda FUN to do it.. SO today I'm gonna do the tag and I MADE mase to do it too.. She got tagged! check out her tag of the day too!

So what is inside my wallet/purse (whatever you wanna call it) actually?





Okay let's see, to make life easy I've labeled the stuffs in numbers!
Don't it look like some stuffs from some crime scene, where the investigator got all the stuffs labeled!

Now, lets get to business!




- Photocopy birth cert ( I got that in my wallet for ages liao )
- List of interesting places to visit in Kudat ( you can see the Top in the list are the list of beaches - I'm a sucker for beaches! ) - Was planning to go Kudat BUT the trip was cancelled last minute! pfff..
- Appointment scribble on a piece of paper
- A paper with a list of priority in life! ( a reminder for me )

- Summer Bay Resident Card 2004 ( forgotten to renew! )
- AMEX card
- 2 ATM Cards ( Current & Saving Acc )
- Driving license
- Unicity Member's Card

Name Cards!
- My Optician's name card
- My previous company's name card
- My current company's name card
- Inti college Sabah's name card
*Not much name cards coz I'll put it away in a name card holder

- 3 calenders from: Girls, BodyShop & Guess
*I know lar, what for I got sooooo many calender right? I also dunno why got sooooo many! ;p

Stamp Cards ( I have NO idea what do you call this kind of cards )
I got 4 namely from: BabyIce, EasyWay, Coffee Culture & Coffee Bean

Stamps ( Yeah, well just in case I need to send snail mail to somebody *ahem* )
- 50 cents x 4
- 30 cents x 2

Holy stuffs ( Yes, I got them with me.. Got problem? )
- Scapular ( Actually someone got this for me before my final exam during college days, I still keep it with me till now )
- Prayers ( Mom gave this to me - Don't ask! )
- How to say rosary booklet! ( Don't ask! )

My wallet - aiyak! Cannot see properly pula! -.-'

Some cash & coins ( I'm low in cash! )

A paper note got from a fortune cookie I ate during last Chinese New Year! ( Wah still with me! )

Lastly, a "tiny" pen.. LoL, just in case i NEED to write SOMETHING!

So that's all! Finito!

The End!

p/s: I wanna tag Robby! Uii... You're tag man!


maslight said...

wuah lotsa stuff man ur wallet/purse hahahah

smashpOp said...

wah u have a pen in ur wallet/purse!! lol

Anonymous said...

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