Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bazaar @ Shan Tao

May 28, 2006 ( Sunday )
Bazaar Day

Last Sunday after the Sunday mass, I went to my ( SRJK Shan Tao ) ex-school’s fund raising bazaar. Actually this was Shan Tao’s new building ( they move couple years back ) back then I was still studying at the OLD building near Tzu Yu Kindergarten ( where I used to study before too when I was cartoon ).


Year 2006

Shan Tao Primary School Kota Kinabalu Bazaar

Date: 28th May 2006

Time: 8am – 2pm

Mind you it was freaking HOT that morning. There was A LOT of people turn up for the bazaar. Here are some pictures I manage to shoot on that day.

Stalls that were outside of the school building

This pic was taken at the car park at the school entrance.
Stalls were set up there.

This was at the milk tea stall.
The earliest stall to be close coz they finish selling before noon.

Btw, it was around 10.30am when I got to the bazaar.

At the porky stall

Meet the “Halfmoon Betta”
Izzit 70 bucks for 1 fish or 1 pair of fish?

At the cake stall

Yummy steam cake AKA “marble cake” and cup cake – don’t they look delious?

The weirdest looking “Tau-Sa-Pau”
Very innovative I must say..

The entrance of the school building

Stalls that were inside of the school building

Hey look, Wagamama has a stall there too!

Wagamama was selling sushi – drool!

Err.. prawns?

I think this is a teacher doing some on the spot colouring / drawing.

Look at the crowd.

Haven’t you notice that any school bazaar that you been to must have at least one Game Room or Game Counter

This game they were doing was such a classic!
The Hit-And-Win-A-Prize-Game.

Oh yes, another MUST have is the Lucky Draw.
Do you feel lucky?

1st prize- fridge? Erm.. don’t ask.

We saw some pretty predictable stuffs at bazaar. Now lets look at some “special stall”

The Safety Stall

I can hear kids asking liao, “Miss, wanna buy a safety sign? Not ngam for you ar? What about a safety helmet? You dunno when you might need it so buy now. I can give special price for pretty miss like you”


Anyways, here are some other pics I took while I was there.

Guess what you can buy with 5o bucks worth of coupon?

Look below!

Food and drinks!

Char Kuey Tiau, Satay, liong fun, burger, hotdog,nuggets, "some-meat-stuffs" (forgotten whats the name of the food), few bottles of milk (yogurt?) & a caligraphy wall deco ( which was tricked / forced to buy.. lil rascals! )

Unrelated Story:

Singing kiddo song, “row row row your boat..”

On the same day it rain during that evening, I got back home around 6:30pm.

Bath around 7pm.

After bath I saw some cars queuing in front of my house. Didn’t notice anything unusual yet.

After 7.30 still notice cars are still queuing in front of my house. Something is not right. Open the curtains to look outside. Behold! The road right in front of my house was flooded! This was the 1st time something like this happening since I’ve move to my new place.

After 2 hours my next door neighbor’s place got flooded ( only the car park ). My place still NOT flooded yet. Neighbor had moved their car to my place. Since my place was built on a higher ground.

Over and out!


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