Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's June already?

A big kiss goodbye to month of May! Welcome June.. Actually it's a late June greeting coz it's the middle of the month now, it's 21st to be exact.. how fast rite?

1st Update!

Last few days has been another chapter of technology against aMy ( and MK too! Read on you get what i mean ). My pc at work it NOT working now. Due to some drivers problem! GAH! It was running smoothly before my PC hangs on me and all the sudden the drivers went missing *poof.. gone!* a virus? a trojan? The best answer I can give to myself is file-corrupted-technology-mulfunction whatever!

It happen on last Friday MK was doing alot of things, like duplicating a DVD and backing up some file from his personal laptop to the company's laptop (which he just purchased not long ago *ahem* MK: btw, where's mine?) MK keep on telling me there were some problem while he was doing the back up. File won't transfer.. yada.. yada.. Then he can't duplicate the DVD thingy... Oh and previous days he can't get hook into the internet or print anything from the new laptop!

Then ,he was jokingly said it was a bad luck day! Then I added on saying maybe there was some bad aura in the room. Bad bad thing to say. I should have just zipped it! Coz the next thing I know my PC hanged and drivers went missing! ARGH!

So till today my PC is still in ICU..

1st, I tried installing the driver TWICE! no use.. Zac told me maybe I should reinstalling the OS. Done that! problem still there! ( zac: something wrong with your win98 cd la friend, file missing! ) Seek friends to helped up - Mase ( provide me driver - still no use! some file missing ): Thanks buddy!, Suren: thanks for the help.. yeah, wish you were here to help me too!, Henry: your file didn't successfully transfer lar. Thanks for helping anyways!, Ong ( the SUPPOSED to be the IT guy for my company ): Thanks for asking me what was the problem BUT not helping me.

Conclusion: Today MK is gonna bring in a technician guy ( NOT from our IT dept, pfff! ) to nurse my PC back to original condition! Btw, MK let me use his laptop since I'm PC less now. Yay! Thanks MK!

2nd Update!
Camera got kidnap

Nah, nobody kidnap my baby.
Just my mom borrowed it for awhile, mom & dad went for a vacation to the land of the limestone (Gui Lin). Parents got back last sunday, just in time for father's day! But parents were too tired to go anywhere to celebrate.. aww.. This is late but Happy Daddy's Day to all!

p/s: I know it's a pic drought entry, wait till I snap more pics people.. In the meantime, check out my post kaamataan pics on the next entry which will be out pretty soon :D


a2blog said...

welcome back.. u've been missing for a long time. hehe..

babyphoenix said...

yalor... missing in action! thanks allen for still dropping by my blog.. :) *hug*

a2blog said...

no problem. you always drop by mine too.. ;)

my turn to go MIA for a short while.. :P i'm leaving on a jet plane..

but.. sigh.. check my blog later and u'll know the sigh..

a2blog said...

amy, can add u to msn ah?

maslight said...

hohohoho update terus bah..punya men panjang hoooo