Saturday, July 01, 2006


Harvest Fest in KDCA

For those who miss out the fest last month in KDCA, do not fret here are some pics I managed to take while I was there for some *ahem* promotion. The upside of going: I got the chance to snap some pics! Yay! Downside of going: Had to work on a holiday. Pff! Oh and Thanks to the GOOD weather that day I got myself sunburned too. Ah yes, typical HOT day in Kota Kinabalu. Should have slapped on MORE sun block! >.<

Back to the story, I’ve reach KDCA before 8am that day. Yupe, had to; No choice! Need do some setting up. After that I went photo hunting.

Look what I’ve snapped:-

The Sumazau dance.
A typical performance harvest festival.

The house band musicians
How can you dance without music rite?

Hey, some old ladies were watching the performance too!

Wah Makcik, enjoy saja hisap sigup nampaknya.. ;p

Passed by some traditional houses

I went into some of the traditional houses, here is one of them.

This is inside of a bajau house

I went to another traditional house. Checked out what did I see!

Behind the scene
some were still busy getting pretty..

This one is a guy getting ready to be handsome..
You thought only girls wanna be pretty meh?

This is a picture of a bobolian. (Bobolian means a ritual specialist – wah, so high-tech ar the name! )
the male version of Bobolian is called Bobohizan.

Pass by some stalls too. Mostly selling local goods.

Ah, at the CD stalls ( Semua Ori geng!)

Mari mari mari..

Siapa mau beli album John Gaisah?

Nda ngam hati?

Bah, Clarice la.. Sumandak gitu.

There was a stall selling this.

I forgotten what izzit called kupang? ( Mas: what's the name liao har? ) but it’s belong to one of the “shell” family.

They were selling 2 types.

This one – the shell looks bit rough.

And this one – the shell is smoother.

They actually help you to “panggang” it on the spot.

RM7 per kilo man!

There was a stall selling “Jaruk Tuhau”

For those who do not know what is Tuhau. It means Ginger ( or wild ginger? )

The famous Sabah Tea! Come let lepak and drink in tea!
Wanna know more about Sabah Tea check out the website here.

I went into the longhouse and they were selling lots of handicraft, too bad I had NO time to check out the thing that were on sale. Boohoo!

Taukeh-taukeh kraft tangan..

Have you notice most of them are ladies. Actually ALL of them were ladies that day.

Does this means guys doesn’t do/sell handricraft?

Something caught my attention.

Look, so innovative! Nice rite?

While I was at the longhouse there were some tv crew interviewing some people ( I think it’s from RTM )

I’ve notice something when I was asking people to pose for me. There were different types of characters.

We have those





Boy, gimme a smile.. say cheese!
How sweet!

Colorful dress! Nicee…
( btw, they are local native from Pitas District )

There were those





Kid ( sitting on the right side ): So sien need to take pics again. This is my 73th time pose liao lar..bored la!
btw, this costume is wore by the tradisional Kadazan Papar area

Here are those





aiks? how come the girl in the middle is not looking at the camera?

So I decided to ask them to pose for me AGAIN.

Okay, take TWO!

What's with the. Okaayy.. nevermind. NEXT!

Here is the act-natural-ones

They didn’t even notice I was taking the pic ( it's either that or they were playing cool )

Here are other pics that i managed to shoot..

Old fella People starting to pile in..

Some of the dancers

Datuk Musa Aman & Datuk Chong Ka Kiat is there for the opening too!

Sometimes I feel that Harvest festival is being overly tourimize. Yeah well, it's true that Harvest festival is the MAJOR attraction for Sabah and for May is being the busiest month for those in the tourism line.

For me harvest fest NOT ONLY about getting the Ang-Mo or tourists in the country..

some of the ang-mo and tourist came to KDCA

Or who is the NEW Unduk Ngadau ( basically the Harvest Queen) for Harvest Fest

Manage to shoot some of the participants for the beauty pageant.
They were walking pass me.

It’s supposed to be a thanks giving ceremony for the Kadazandusun ethnic communities. *sigh* Well, I supposed this is the NEW way to celebrate it. Wanna celebrate? Make sure it's a BIG one!

Bah Aramaitii!

hanging out with MK.


maslight said...

Ooooooooooo lotsa shots. And oh the round light thinggie is kewl! I would have that! :D

babyphoenix said...

mas: yalor, nice kan.. :)

Anonymous said...

My oh my... great.. now i really really miss KK.. not like the old day.. nice blog by the way least tia ketinggalan on what happen in KK.. job hunting in KK la this...hehehe :P ~nicholian

Joan D'Arcy said...

Lovely photos... u know wat, we didnt get our photos shot together... kekeke... keep up the marvellous art!