Thursday, July 06, 2006

Public Announcement: Mobile trouble?

Mobile trouble?
Don't fret come to Ah-Lix One Stop Mobilephone Centre to get it Fix!
Our motto is, "You can't get it fix, come to Ah-Lix, we confirm it will be fix!"

Note to readers: This is not an advertisement entry alrite, this is an awareness entry for mobile phone users.

I believe most of you own a mobile phone, some even have more than one. Anyways, please take note that wrong handling and unsafety use of mobile phone can lead to accidents.

Incident No.1


Blogger's confession: It happen to me once, my charger kinda had a "mini" explosion. I was charging my phone in my room. The socket got burned and the charger is in the dusbin now. Lucky part of the incident: my mobile phone survived. Thank goodnes!

Incident No.2

Moral of the story: Talking on the phone while charging is NOT wise.
Still wanna talk? Do it separately la wey!

Wise up folks!

This public announcement has brought to you by babyphoenix. Feel free to browse around for other entries ;p

p/s: Anyone got other newspaper cutting or experience on this, please do share with me :D

p/ p/s: I'm wondering, when this kinda of accident happens can claim insurance one ka? Anyone can answer?


maslight said...

1. How does it count as overcharged? How long that gonna be ah? Sometimes I charge few hours. *wonder
2. Oooo yeah I saw some newspaper clipping of an email. Pasal tu urang charge while on the phone. Luka tu telinga. Hee inda tau la se
3. Dun sms when driving. People owez do this.
4. Dun use handphone when driving. Especially when you dun have handsfree or bluetooth.

hee~ kan kan kan

babyphoenix said...

1. over charge - still charge hp when the battery suda max ( kunun mau kasi lebih lebih extra charge la so last longer)
2. yeah, dats the one i was showing in incident no.2
3. i think justine pakar dalam smsing while driving.. i see him do that dengan terrer-nya! ;p opss, bocor rahsiah.
4. me giving guilty look ;p