Friday, July 14, 2006

Melancholy Friday

July 14, 2006 ( Friday )
Melancholy Friday

I still can’t forget how you look at me

I know those eyes are trying to say something

It felt like sadness or was it disappointment?

All I can do is to force a smile

Awkward it may seem but what else can I do?

Was it bad timing saying those words?

I have no choice unless you gave me an alternative

I feel so bad, but it’s NOT my intention

Life needs to go on, I need to go on

Leaving the memories behind is hard to do

I know we make a great team, just doing our thing

Who knows in the future we might be together again

Working side by side and building our team.



maslight said...

awww *hug hug. dun be sad. be happy hee :D

a2blog said...

aww.. amy. don't feel too bad.
plenty of *hugs* for you.

it'll be alright! ;-)

Cheers my dear.

Anonymous said...

hmmm what happen ??! dont cha worry.. tell me who bully you??
cheer up mate!!