Friday, July 21, 2006


.. of St. Aloysius..

Could you believe that I didn't even notice such a beautiful church exist near my neighborhood all this time??? Couples of weeks ago I've stumble upon this beauty, accidentally mind you, I was on my journey to Lembah Impian ( I'll be blogging about that in another post )

I’ve stopped by and get some shots. I heard some music came out from the church, therefore I took a peek and I saw some youths are doing music practicing. They didn’t notice me snooping around outside.

Then suddenly this dude came out from the church to this car. I was trying to act NOT to be suspicious coz that time I was armed with a camera at hand. So I was making my best impression like I was a regular at that place. ( which I am NOT, it was my 1st time there! )

Here are some shots I manage to capture!

Welcome to St. Aloysius of Limbanak ( I know the place sounded weird, but it's a nice place )

pretty huh?

Notice the far back colored area?
Those are tombstone
Yupe, you heard me, it's a cemetary behind the church.. spooky!

Look, it's Mother Mary's statue

Hey, it's St. Aloysius!

This is how it looked inside! Nice rite?

P/S: Btw, I'm gonna upload couple more pics to my deviant site too! Feel free to check it out @


maslight said...

so, u went around snapping ei? hehehehe anyways. kewl shots. love the angle-ing and the after editing thinggie. :D


babyphoenix said...

yeah, discovering new plcs and snapping pics ;p

thanks for the compliments mas! *hug mas back*

maslight said...


doridori said...

ahaha! just because u went passed lembah impian.. i saw u went in that day (was behind u guys annoying the driver), guess u both passed my house. Green + macaroni just on top of the first climb, nvr miss.

Just plain Sharon said...

Hi sumandak! I hope you don't mind me grabbing the St Aloysius Church Limbanak's picture. All credits goes to you. Good job on the photography.

Joan D'Arcy said...

santik the pix