Saturday, October 07, 2006

old skool

This morning I was browsing some old pics at a website and i spotted this pic!





Very old skool indeed!

This pic was taken few years back, I was testing the drum set at this local jamming room in Beaufort with couple of friends. Oh and, did I tell mention that I dont know how to play the drum? I was just wacking it actually.. drummer gal wannabe! Bah!


Nicholian Justine said...

kakaka i think i know who took tis PIX hahahaha... melencong that day kan... hehehe

babyphoenix said...

psstt... justine, jan bocor rahsiah bah! :p

Celine said...

ahaha!!! Was that taken at my bro's place? wakakaka!!!! just next to u-know-where!

maslight said...

kewl! i think the shot would be great with proper angling hehehehe..uh uh i love the drum beats

AceOne said... can play drum!! Me play kompang with milo tin boleh la!! wuahahaha!!!